Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Union Grove Etc.

It was exactly a year ago that I made some waves at the Union Grove road race due to the lack of a cash prize for the women’s OPEN race. I took it upon myself to set up a collection bucket at the registration table along with a nice collection of flyers and posters alerting racers to the missallocation of funds. We raised 40 bucks that day which was doled out to the top three women. It wasn’t really about the cash, it was the principle of the matter. (photo: scenery along the course)

This year’s Union Grove race is under new management and there is indeed a women’s cash prize. So, it was in good humor that I asked the gentleman at the registration table if he happened to remember me from the prior year. Indeed he did, and he still didn’t seem to think the event was altogether humorous. Well, I guess you can’t please everyone. I cracked myself up anyway…

The long and short of this race report is that I thought I was feeling pretty good. (photo: tania and her husband)I felt strong on the punchy little hills. Probably did a little too much work, but wanted to be sure to be in the front should a break succeed. I attacked at the end of the last lap on the flat section just before the last right turn that leads to the hill top finish. I think I was a bit too conservative on the attack. I should have just laid it all on the line. Instead I think I only succeeded in stringing things out. Sitting second wheel back at the base of the hill, we got swarmed. I got out of the saddle to sprint for the finish and ….didn’t feel as strong as I had on the 5 previous laps. Oh, well. There’s always next weekend to try to score some upgrade points.

Tania rode a smart race and successfully finished up in the top ten!!! The rest of our teammates were busy tearing things up in Wilmington. Nice racing ladies!!!!

It was a nice long three day weekend.

After the race I headed to JuJo farms in Perry County Pennsylvania where I joined my friends Jonas and Judy Stoltzfus. Sunday morning I helpd Jonas with the morning chores, then the rains came …washing away our plans to put up a fence.

Judy and Jonas continue to plod forward with their work in protecting our rights to buy and sell raw milk without government intervention. Raise a glass of cold raw milk to the Stoltzfus clan!!!

Later that afternoon I headed for State College where I stayed with my good friend Kevin (aka Keveau). It had been too long since I last rode in Rothrock and I was craving a reunion with my old home trails.

I was not disappointed. Rothrock has never been so beautiful. Monday evening I rode until the last bit of sunlight ducked behind the ridge. Oh, The impermanence of a beautiful evening. As heartbreaking as the withering of a cherry blossom.


mikejoos said...

“As heartbreaking as the withering of a cherry blossom” excellent simile. Your writing is always outstanding. I should hire you to correct and edit my blog. what would you charge?

too bad about the race. cheer up champ you’ll get’em next time.

Anna said...

Thanks Joos. You're the best.

Oh, and I'd be happy to edit your blog, if you add some detailing to my truck with your trademark style?