Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RFK Crit

Women’s Cat 3
First let me start by thanking Bega and the HUB ladies for putting on such a great race. Providing a separate Cat 3 race really does a lot to encourage female riders (like myself) to continue to climb up the ranks and fend for those precious upgrade points.

Artemis and Team Cyclelife were quite active, sending off a number of attacks. Ilana (DCMTB), Christina (C3) and I did a fairly good job (I think) of sharing the responsibility of chasing down potential breaks involving these teams. It was a on the prime laps that I found myself in a couple little breaks that could have stuck ….but didn’t. Liz Tyrrel, as always, was a force to be reckoned with. With about 5 laps to go Christina got stuck out in front and ended up doing a good amount of work. My heart really went out to her, but I thought I would let one of the bigger teams take up the slack. (photo: can you find the race?)
Although I wasn’t in the best position for the sprint coming around the last corner, I think I made the best of the situation and rolled through the finish at 6th place.

Christina, I owe you a beer! Don’t let me forget!

Women's Pro 1/2
The HPC/List elite team road an awesome race. Everyone worked together to keep control of the field. Kristi put in some huge attacks along with Kate, Lesley, Jenn, Jenette, Chris, Michelle and Susan. Oh...and I'm missing someone....hmmmm...Oh, and....


In addition to winning the race, Lorena also won a couple primes one of which is an all expense paid trip Guatemala for the El Reto del Quetzal in October . Anybody know a good substitute teacher to take her place while she's gone?

Unfortunately, Heidi went down in the women's 1/2 race and broke her wrist. Please wish her a speedy recovery!

Women's Cat4
Looks like Beth, Maggie, and Tania also had a good day out in the RFK parking lot. Congrats, Tania, on your second place finish!!!


Leaving DC a little later than intended I headed up to State College where I again stayed at Chateau Keveau. Monday morning I met up with my friend Michelle for a nice long ride that encompassed all my favorite trails of Rothrock.

On the way out to Rothrock I stopped by the towne of Boalsburg which proudly claims to be the birth place of Memorial Day…


crs said...

Is there keg below that log? Now thats the good word-yo!

mikejoos said...

Anna Kelso!! Excellent job!! I will add to yer thermometer chart. How many upgrade points you get?

and I am impressed on how perfectly your bike matches your uniform (minus the pink bar tape)

keep up the good results and good color coordinating.

Anna said...

Thanks Joos, but I neglected to mention that 6th place amounts to a total of NO upgrade points in a field of 20 women. Yeah, what are you gonna do...

Oh, and the bar tape actually coordinated with its former owner's kit. That's on my list of things to do.