Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Raw Deal: II

As some of you may remember, it was just last summer that I joined the Stoltzfus family in the organization of a Raw Milk Rally launched in response to a raid on the Nolt Family's dairy farm in Perry County, Pennsylvania. Their crime....selling unpasteurized milk, cheese and yogurt without a permit.

Unfortunately their farm was again raided by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Mr. Nolt was taken into police custody earlier this week. Why don't we ever see this stuff on COPS? It must have been quite a scene....wrestling a humble Mennonite to the ground and robbing him of all his raw cheese.

The Stoltzfus family has again sprung into action and a rally is currently planned to take place on May 5. See info below:

Rally in Support of Mark Nolt
Please join the Pennsylvania Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (PICFA) at a rally on Monday May 5th in support of Mark Nolt, local farmer and friend, who was recently arrested on his farm for selling raw milk and raw milk products. The rally is being held at 9:30 am at the District Court in Cumberland County located at 229 Mill Street, Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065. The rally aims to engage the local citiz enry and the Pennsylvania legislature in bringing attention to a farmer's constitutionally protected right to sell raw milk, and raw milk products, directly to consumers (as well as a consumer's right to buy and consume these products). This will be a peaceful assembly. Concerned citizens are encouraged to bring signs and banners in support of Mark Nolt and that reflect positively on raw milk and its benefits. Those who are unable to attend the rally are encouraged to contact their legislators in support of direct farmer to consumer sales of raw milk and raw milk products, to contact local media to request coverage of the rally, and to support the defense fund that has been established for Mark Nolt by sending a check in his name to Mark Nolt, c/o PO Box 136, Blain, PA 17006.

News Clip

Support Small Farms and Local Food!!!
Health benefits of raw milk: click here!!!

Eating is an agricultural act.

- wendell berry


mikejoos said...

if the scenes from cops were an accurate depiction of what cops really do the show would be boring about petty injustices. it would make people hate police officers.

Have you ever tried raw milk? Dose it taste any different than whole milk?

mikejoos said...

i guess raw milk is whole milk but you know what i mean.

Anna said...

It's like suckling from the teat of God herself.

Anna said...

health benefits of raw milk:

Jeff said...

Was this the farm that delivered raw milk here locally? If so, I've been looking for their contact to try and get a weekly order.

Anna said...

They only sell milk from their farm...which is why this whole thing is even more irritating. Why can't one neighbor trade goods with another? There are other farms that do. I tried to get in touch with one in particular but they were very secretive due to various legal issues. There are, however, a number of creative ways to get around this. This link might help:

Icon O. Classt said...

Baby, I really have to recruit you...who knew you were such a radical? How are you with molotov cocktails? ; )

Seriously, good for you. God herself, indeed.

Anna said...

Well, I figured that suckling from a male god might not be a good visualization.

Anna said...

...oh, and I'm trying to keep cubicle life from eroding away my radical roots.