Monday, May 5, 2008

Poolesville Report

Background info:

Poolesville came into existence thanks to the Poole brothers, John and Joseph, when they bought 160 acres of land with which they eventually established a timber company. The town of Poolesville was not officially established until 1867. So...that sets the stage for Saturday's race....

The Race:
This year I’ve decided to put a concerted effort into accumulating
some upgrade points. So, rather than joining the majority of my teammates in the 1/2/3 race I opted for the women’s 3/4 race where I hoped to earn some points. Unfortunately, those plans were foiled…but it was a good day anyway. Here’s how things went… (photo: women's 3/4 field - James Wilson Photos)

Our race was to include 4 laps of roughly ten miles with a gravel road section that may have been about a mile or so long. Poolesville is notorious for its gravel road section that usually chisels down a large portion of the field (photo: Dana & Joe...state college folks!) Oh, Melissa Wills was there too! It was a reunion of sorts.

The race was on almost immediately from the start. Joyce sat on the front for what I would call.... the majority of the race and just hammered. Part of
me wanted to roll up next to her and say...."hey lady, I'll give you 20 bucks if you take the pace down just a notch."

My main concern was to lead into the gravel road section in order to avoid the ensuing chaos that was sure to play out in the back of the pack. This proved to be a good move.

Save for the rather deep potholes it really wasn’t that bad. What was bad was my handlebars that kept slipping every time I hit a hole a bit too hard….resulting in about a 90 degree rotation. Using brute strength I would wrench the bars back in place…which overcompensated for the situation until the next hole came along to dial things back into position. This made for some hectic bike handling. (photo: men's pro 1/2 field - James Wilson Photos)

Amanda Watson of Artemis attacked on the hill just after the gravel section at the end of the third lap. Annie (tristate velo) and I tried to bridge up to her... I had problems getting into my big ring at the top of the hill was probably best that I didn't attempt to chase Amanda down as I would probably have just pulled the field up with me and then promptly blown sky high... so everything happens for a reason I guess.

Charging up the last hill on the last lap I dug pretty deep. So, the sprint came. My legs were heavy. I thought I may have been in the top 10…but I actually landed in 11th place…amounting to a total of ZERO upgrade points for the day. Not the result I was imagining for a3/4 race. Oh, and mad props to Amanda for her solo win!!!

Tania, one of HPC’s newest team members had an awesome day on the bike and finished up the day in 6th place. Nice racing lady!!! Beth, also new to HPC, finished her first race with a smile. Looking forward to racing with you ladies again! (photo: Kate, Tania, and I)

I would try to cover the men’s and women’s 1/2/3 races…but this is getting a bit lengthy…and I’m running out of pictures. Oh, but I do know that Kate won the field sprint....she really has an amazing sprint in her. And Chris finished 17th in the pro men's field....which was indeed a valiant effort as over half the field dropped out of the race. ...something like 70+ men started and only 20 finished!!!

Full results HERE

Todd :
That night we stayed with my good friend Todd who I haven’t seen in almost two years now. Wow, where does the time go? Since his departure from State College, Todd has become quite domestic. Thanks again Todd for all your hospitality! The lasagna was awesome! You're one great...."hoster-man".


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If you didn’t use up all yer brute strength on those dam handle bars you probably would have won! ! !

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