Monday, May 5, 2008

Michaux Maximus

Michaux State Forest (named after the French botanist, Andre Michaux) was established thanks to the concern of one of Pennsylvania's most influential conservationists of the day, Joseph Rothrock. In response to rampant deforestation during the mid 1800s, Rothrock helped establish the Michaux State Forest as a means to introduce more sustainable forest management practices into the region. So, many thanks to Rothrock for making this race possible....

Although my legs were a bit tired from the day before, I was looking forward to a nice romp in the Michaux woods. Pain and fatigue aside, in my mind Michaux races are a great opportunity to play in the rocks and soak in some good PA single track. Thanks to Chris’s stellar mechanical skills, I was able to start the race on a completely functioning bike….even if it was a little mismatched. For reasons I won’t go into, my components were comprised of the following:

Celebrate Diversity!!!
> Hayes front brake
> Avid rear brake
> Sram front shifter
> Shimano rear shifter

....I like to mix things up

For the first part of the race I was jockeying for position between 2nd and 3rd. Ultimately I lost sight of the first two ladies on one of the climbs. I had banked on catching at least one of them in the rocks…but never again would I catch a glimpse of their pink and green jerseys.

As I've mentioned before, it is not unusual for me to find new creative ways of screwing things up at Michaux. A couple of years ago I shaved off a significant portion of the course and surprised everyone when I finished just behind Eatough.... so this year I was pretty cautious when it came to keeping an eye out for the course split. Once I succefully made the turn following the 25 mile loop (and not the 50 miler) I was able to relax mentally and just focus on the remainder of the race.

Rolling in at 3rd place, I was happy with my effort. My bike didn’t break. My legs were cashed. I had some great PRPs (shout out to Lesley!). It was a good day. Nice racing Janele and Selene! You ladies were awesome out there! Next time I won't let you get away on the climb!!!

Oh, and I went home with a new floor pump for the EPA bike lockerroom!!!

Other City Bikes folks and extended family members included:

Dave: Seemed to have a good day…but was a bit sketched out by all the slick roots (photo: dave shortly after crossing the finish)

Steve: Raced single speed and rolled in at 4th place!!! Nice job Steve!

Chris: Had another great weekend on the bike and finished 2nd place in the single speed field!!! Woohoo!

Full Results HERE

Yay Michelle!!!

top 3 women in the 50 miler

Oh, and in the spirit of Andre Michaux…I noticed the following botanical species along the trail:

common blue violet - Viola papilonacea

wintergreen - Gaultheria procumbens

In other news, it sounds like things went well at Lodi for the DCMTB crew!!! >>>> Mike’s blog
And Exactly how fuxed was Icon O. Classt???


b1umb0y said...

Icon O. Clast rocked it on the fixie! I think he was sand-bagging.


mikejoos said...

congratulations with the race and they even have your blog on the race website. Cool.

Anna said...

Thanks Joos...wish you could have been there...although I don't think you would have liked the course...not nearly enough gravel roads to suite your taste.

Glad to hear Steve was rockin' out on his fixie at Lodi. Looking forward to his race report!!!

Icon O. Classt said...

Nice results on the races, Ahnuh--wow, you are hard on yourself (mentally and physically)!

Anna said...

Awww...that's why we have make sure our egos are at the proper PSI. Thanks for your kind words.

Again, nice job at Lodi!

Anonymous said...

Good Background info on Andre! Not too many people realize he was the original Lewis and Clark.