Thursday, May 1, 2008

just another morning



Jeff said...

Ah, the wonderful EPA bike room. As assistant to the deputy bike ambassador you should organize tours of your bike facilities for other government employees. Anytime I mention it to folks who work in other GSA building they either don't believe me or are jealous. Imagine how many more people would bike commute if all the federal buildings downtown had the same????

Anna said...

Yeah, it's pretty much the best thing about my job. We do share some of our lockers with USAID, Homeland Security, and DOJ...just to spread the love.

Icon O. Classt said...

Ahnuh, you are messed up!

Thanks for the smile.

Anna said...

Yeah, I'm a little nutty, but it keeps life interesting.

Glad it made you smile.

Lorena said...

Genius, Anna.

Jonathan said...

Anna -
We met briefly at the SSPBE, and just now I stumble upon your oeuvre electronique. Delightful reading; photographic evidence of the fabled EPA bike locker is a bonus! Any idea how a humble EPA contractor can get his mitts on one of those snazzy EPA jerseys??

I was going to haughtily say that "I was riding the Mongoose fixie," and then realized to my great chagrin that "I was the fellow with the large frog on my head" might be a better memory aid.

- Jon

Anna said...

Yes, indeed, I remember chatting with you at the PBE. I also remember your parting statement in reference to your fixie ...something about bringing a rifle to a knife fight that's not it ... how did it go?

As for the EPA team kit, we put together orders once or twice a year. It really depends on who is feeling spunky enough to do the organizing. I'll let you know when the next order comes up. It probably won't be until late summer though!