Monday, May 12, 2008

Ft. Ritchie Report

Waking up on Saturday morning to the sound of pounding rain made it that much more difficult to scrape my crap together and bee bop on out to Hagerstown for the Fort Ritchie Criterium. After a few stout cups of coffee and blank staring into space, I was able to round up the inspiration to load up the Black Stallion (this is a new name…I’m just trying it out …we’ll see how it goes)

By the time I arrived at the race course, the rain had stopped, the course dried up, the coffee kicked in and I was ready to go. We started with a good crew of ladies in a field of maybe 30? The course was as flat as any course I think we’ll see all year with a couple little dog legs. I love dog legs. So much fun to find the perfect line and lean the bike into corners! (photo: spring has sprung at ft. ritchie!)

I think it was the second prime that I found myself in good position for. I tried to take it, ended up third wheel back, but succeeded in finding myself in a break of about 7 women. I really wouldn’t have gone for it had it not been for Kate’s encouraging words. Thanks again Kate! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hang with the break …dropped off the back and eventually got reabsorbed back into the main field. Seeing that Kate was now alone in the break, Lorena successfully bridged up without dragging anyone else with her. Nicely done Lorena! We don’t call her the Stormin’ Mormon for nothing!

Unfortunately, there seemed to be somewhat of a miscommunication with respect to when the last lap was to actually take place. So, this resulted in a little bit of a botched lead out up in the break. Oh well, mistakes happen, it wasn’t a big priority race, and there are bigger problems in the world …like finding a way to deliver nutritional biscuits to Myanmar. (photo: jenn stays warm while waiting to race the men's Cat 3 crit)

Kristie, Jenn, and I put in a few attacks in the chase group, but it finally ended up in a field sprint. Jenn strung things out on the last lap. Again, I was in great position coming out of the last corner. Not a great sprint, but I did feel like I was able to wind it up a little better than in past races which resulted in a 14th place finish. Maybe next time I'll hang with the break. Kate, your words of encouragement make all the difference!

Top three results:

1) Janet Olney
2) Sonia Evers (yay sonia!!!)
3) Heidi Goldberg (The Tune-Ups choral director)

Full Results HERE

photo: heidi gets tuned up for bike to work day


mikejoos said...

If only giving nutritional biscuits to Myanmar was as fun as riding a bike. people would be dropping thousands of dollars on biscuits instead of carbon wheels, custom titanium frames and high end components.

If only there was a way to combine the two. Maybe some kind of biscuit making rely with a biking leg thrown in somehow.

Anna said...

Yeah Joos, I think you might be onto something...