Friday, May 16, 2008

BTWD 2008

It wouldn't be Bike to Work Day without a good drizzle! Although things were again on the soggy side, the weather did not succeed in dampening the spirits of those who braved the wet streets to show their support of bicycle transportation. Many thanks to Eric Gilliland for pulling everything together, and to WABA for being the cornerstone of bike commuting in our nation's capitol. (btwd poster -

Freedom Plaza was a alive with commuter camaraderie. City Bikes was out in full force with a host of fabulous raffle prizes and their full crew of mechanics (even Marc came out on his day off!). Maybe I'm biased, but I think City Bikes embodies the very spirit of DC cycling. (photo: joel - a city bikes icon and charlie - a city bikes owner, together in bike commuting brotherhood)

Lots of councilpeople had good stuff to say about bike commuting (unfortunately Fenty couldn't make it). Lots of free bagels, coffee, water bottles, and t-shirts. Lots of photo opps for Gwadzilla. Doesn't get much better than that ....

Or does it???

The crown jewel of today's event was most certainly the musical entertainment provided by the Tune-Ups (click here for Charlie's photo documentary). Many mad props to Heidi for all the hard work she put into pulling together some of the best musical talent DC has to offer. It was truly an honor and a privilege to be part of this vocal ensemble. Can't wait for next year!

Photos ....

left: Ilana keeps the bicycle charged battery powered for the speaker system
right: Heidi and ....damn it, I can't remember her name

left: Jenn - new teammate on DCMTB and fellow EPA employee
right: Yay, it's chicken n' goat!

left: Matt (dcmtb president) and Kent (veteran dcmtb teammate)
right: Marc ...working on his day off. What a champ.

left: Corey, Kurt, and Holly Bolly (neighbor, neighbor, housemate!)

Next time you're at City Bikes (Adams Morgan) be sure to shower Marc with accolades and/or fresh baked bread. That's his favorite.

Be sure to check out Gwadzilla and Charlie's coverage of the day!

See you next year!!!


darren said...

thanks for the kind words, it's really appreciated. And thanks to you and everyone from DCMTB and Artemis for coming out to help!

Charlie said...

"The crown jewel of today's event was most certainly the musical entertainment provided by the Tune-Ups (I'll try to find someone who took photos)."

Check out my pix - I have tons of tune-ups shots.

Love those lyrics with the City Bikes plugs - and of course the always lovely ladies of the tuneups.

Anna said...

meant every word

Anna said...

Thanks for the link Charlie!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Anna said...

Wow, nice shots!
Thanks again, Charlie.