Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bike Jammin'

Bike Prom
After feeling pretty lethargic all week I decided it would be prudent to get to bed early and forfeit the Bike Prom. This decision lasted only so long. I made a brief appearance.


Kelly Cup - Bike Jam

Women’s Cat 3/4
Hmmm….let’s see, we had a good little break of about 5 women going there for a bit; however, we eventually got caught. With a couple laps to go I knew I didn’t want to be on the inside of the turn before the hill. Somehow that’s where I ended up….which resulted in not so great positioning for the sprint. It probably also didn’t help that I found myself pretty exposed on the last lap. Not sure why I let that happen. Not such a great finish. To add insult to injury, I was also having a fat face day. (photo: Lorena & I)

Women’s 1/2/3
Having raced just a couple hours before, I decided I would just hang on tight and be happy with whatever was to come of the day. The race was actually quite tame with few attacks that didn’t seem to amount to much of anything that I can remember. I think everyone was feeling a bit too sketched out by the course to really try and mix things up. But it really was a perfect course for getting away for that very reason. (photo: Lesley prepares for her top 10 finish)

Jostling for position, things got pretty hectic on the last lap. Lorena and Lesley made their way to the front for an impressive 4th and 9th place finish respectively. Crazy to think it was just last year that Lesley was racing as a Cat 4!!! I actually popped on the last lap and rolled in behind the main field. (photo: that classic Heidi smile)

>>>Point of interest: Team Type 1 took 2nd and 3rd place in the women’s pro1/2/3 race. It’s really exciting to see how much this team has grown since it began in 2004. It was started by a friend of mine from my days with the UGA cycling team (Phil Southerland) and Joe Eldridge from the University of Florida, both of which are type 1 diabetics. Check out their team website for more details: http://www.teamtype1.org/ . Incidentally, DC's Chris Soda is also racing with Team Type 1.

(photo: I heart patterson park)


K-country said...

Good Race Stuff! You have a great Fat Face:) Linked you up on the reports. See you Sat?

Lorena said...

I think that "fat face" is a good look for you. You still look hot even with your eyes closed and getting your cheeks pinched.
Getting in a break at Bike Jam is great! One of these times it's bound to stick. Just make sure you have some paceline invitations handy.