Friday, May 30, 2008

God's Phat Crib

This is just getting embarrassing...

Driving back from the watershed last night I took note of the new sign on Gambrill Park Road (the primary reason for bringing along my camera). Maybe next week we'll be invited to God's pants party?

God markets to all demographics....

Image provided by James (ten daily things)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dirty Luvin'

The church bulletin along Gambrill Park Road has always been on the cutting edge of roadside Christianity....

Unfortunately I wasn't in town last weekend ...I think this one trumps the others

(thanks for the heads-up from Cycle-Dumb)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


RAW MILK RALLY - Rescheduled!!!
Monday, June 2 @ 10am
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

Just got a call from a woman with the Food Network. They are currently working on a 10 part series entitled, True Life Food, a food documentary looking at our intimate relationship with food and the role it plays in our lives. They are particularly interested in the current issues surrounding raw milk up in Pennsylvania and will include a segment featuring Jonas Stoltzfus and his dedication to organic farming!

In addition, they are currently working to organize a RAW MILK RALLY to take place on Capitol Hill which will also be featured in the documentary.

Please come out if you can!!!! More details will follow!!!
photo credit:

RFK Crit

Women’s Cat 3
First let me start by thanking Bega and the HUB ladies for putting on such a great race. Providing a separate Cat 3 race really does a lot to encourage female riders (like myself) to continue to climb up the ranks and fend for those precious upgrade points.

Artemis and Team Cyclelife were quite active, sending off a number of attacks. Ilana (DCMTB), Christina (C3) and I did a fairly good job (I think) of sharing the responsibility of chasing down potential breaks involving these teams. It was a on the prime laps that I found myself in a couple little breaks that could have stuck ….but didn’t. Liz Tyrrel, as always, was a force to be reckoned with. With about 5 laps to go Christina got stuck out in front and ended up doing a good amount of work. My heart really went out to her, but I thought I would let one of the bigger teams take up the slack. (photo: can you find the race?)
Although I wasn’t in the best position for the sprint coming around the last corner, I think I made the best of the situation and rolled through the finish at 6th place.

Christina, I owe you a beer! Don’t let me forget!

Women's Pro 1/2
The HPC/List elite team road an awesome race. Everyone worked together to keep control of the field. Kristi put in some huge attacks along with Kate, Lesley, Jenn, Jenette, Chris, Michelle and Susan. Oh...and I'm missing someone....hmmmm...Oh, and....


In addition to winning the race, Lorena also won a couple primes one of which is an all expense paid trip Guatemala for the El Reto del Quetzal in October . Anybody know a good substitute teacher to take her place while she's gone?

Unfortunately, Heidi went down in the women's 1/2 race and broke her wrist. Please wish her a speedy recovery!

Women's Cat4
Looks like Beth, Maggie, and Tania also had a good day out in the RFK parking lot. Congrats, Tania, on your second place finish!!!


Leaving DC a little later than intended I headed up to State College where I again stayed at Chateau Keveau. Monday morning I met up with my friend Michelle for a nice long ride that encompassed all my favorite trails of Rothrock.

On the way out to Rothrock I stopped by the towne of Boalsburg which proudly claims to be the birth place of Memorial Day…

Bike Jammin'

Bike Prom
After feeling pretty lethargic all week I decided it would be prudent to get to bed early and forfeit the Bike Prom. This decision lasted only so long. I made a brief appearance.


Kelly Cup - Bike Jam

Women’s Cat 3/4
Hmmm….let’s see, we had a good little break of about 5 women going there for a bit; however, we eventually got caught. With a couple laps to go I knew I didn’t want to be on the inside of the turn before the hill. Somehow that’s where I ended up….which resulted in not so great positioning for the sprint. It probably also didn’t help that I found myself pretty exposed on the last lap. Not sure why I let that happen. Not such a great finish. To add insult to injury, I was also having a fat face day. (photo: Lorena & I)

Women’s 1/2/3
Having raced just a couple hours before, I decided I would just hang on tight and be happy with whatever was to come of the day. The race was actually quite tame with few attacks that didn’t seem to amount to much of anything that I can remember. I think everyone was feeling a bit too sketched out by the course to really try and mix things up. But it really was a perfect course for getting away for that very reason. (photo: Lesley prepares for her top 10 finish)

Jostling for position, things got pretty hectic on the last lap. Lorena and Lesley made their way to the front for an impressive 4th and 9th place finish respectively. Crazy to think it was just last year that Lesley was racing as a Cat 4!!! I actually popped on the last lap and rolled in behind the main field. (photo: that classic Heidi smile)

>>>Point of interest: Team Type 1 took 2nd and 3rd place in the women’s pro1/2/3 race. It’s really exciting to see how much this team has grown since it began in 2004. It was started by a friend of mine from my days with the UGA cycling team (Phil Southerland) and Joe Eldridge from the University of Florida, both of which are type 1 diabetics. Check out their team website for more details: . Incidentally, DC's Chris Soda is also racing with Team Type 1.

(photo: I heart patterson park)

Friday, May 23, 2008

News: Old & New

Lots to catch up on. I was in Baltimore for most of this week at the Environmental Partnership Summit. I think the most interesting thing to come of the conference was the increased attention being paid to the changing of behaviors and lifestyles. All too often these conferences spend a lot of time focusing on technological band-aid fixes rather than lifestyle sacrifices.

The plenary keynote was given by Phillipe Cousteau, grandson of the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Phillipe was recently included in the Smithsonian Magazine issue entitled America's Young Innovators for his work in preserving the earth's ocean and freshwater systems through the use of media. As chief Ocean Correspondent for Animal Planet and CEO of EarthEcho (co-founded with his mother and sister), he continues his grandfather's legacy and passion for environmental exploration and protection.

While we're on the subject, maybe this is already common knowledge, but the Conservation Fund recently purchased 2,500 acres from the Glatfelter Pulp Wood Company to be added to the Michaux State Forest!!! This land will be handed over to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) for long term management. Joseph Rothrock would be so proud! Maybe this will necessitate a forth race in the Michaux series????

Lots of stuff going on in the area this weekend....

Friday: Bike Prom!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Union Grove Etc.

It was exactly a year ago that I made some waves at the Union Grove road race due to the lack of a cash prize for the women’s OPEN race. I took it upon myself to set up a collection bucket at the registration table along with a nice collection of flyers and posters alerting racers to the missallocation of funds. We raised 40 bucks that day which was doled out to the top three women. It wasn’t really about the cash, it was the principle of the matter. (photo: scenery along the course)

This year’s Union Grove race is under new management and there is indeed a women’s cash prize. So, it was in good humor that I asked the gentleman at the registration table if he happened to remember me from the prior year. Indeed he did, and he still didn’t seem to think the event was altogether humorous. Well, I guess you can’t please everyone. I cracked myself up anyway…

The long and short of this race report is that I thought I was feeling pretty good. (photo: tania and her husband)I felt strong on the punchy little hills. Probably did a little too much work, but wanted to be sure to be in the front should a break succeed. I attacked at the end of the last lap on the flat section just before the last right turn that leads to the hill top finish. I think I was a bit too conservative on the attack. I should have just laid it all on the line. Instead I think I only succeeded in stringing things out. Sitting second wheel back at the base of the hill, we got swarmed. I got out of the saddle to sprint for the finish and ….didn’t feel as strong as I had on the 5 previous laps. Oh, well. There’s always next weekend to try to score some upgrade points.

Tania rode a smart race and successfully finished up in the top ten!!! The rest of our teammates were busy tearing things up in Wilmington. Nice racing ladies!!!!

It was a nice long three day weekend.

After the race I headed to JuJo farms in Perry County Pennsylvania where I joined my friends Jonas and Judy Stoltzfus. Sunday morning I helpd Jonas with the morning chores, then the rains came …washing away our plans to put up a fence.

Judy and Jonas continue to plod forward with their work in protecting our rights to buy and sell raw milk without government intervention. Raise a glass of cold raw milk to the Stoltzfus clan!!!

Later that afternoon I headed for State College where I stayed with my good friend Kevin (aka Keveau). It had been too long since I last rode in Rothrock and I was craving a reunion with my old home trails.

I was not disappointed. Rothrock has never been so beautiful. Monday evening I rode until the last bit of sunlight ducked behind the ridge. Oh, The impermanence of a beautiful evening. As heartbreaking as the withering of a cherry blossom.

Friday, May 16, 2008

BTWD 2008

It wouldn't be Bike to Work Day without a good drizzle! Although things were again on the soggy side, the weather did not succeed in dampening the spirits of those who braved the wet streets to show their support of bicycle transportation. Many thanks to Eric Gilliland for pulling everything together, and to WABA for being the cornerstone of bike commuting in our nation's capitol. (btwd poster -

Freedom Plaza was a alive with commuter camaraderie. City Bikes was out in full force with a host of fabulous raffle prizes and their full crew of mechanics (even Marc came out on his day off!). Maybe I'm biased, but I think City Bikes embodies the very spirit of DC cycling. (photo: joel - a city bikes icon and charlie - a city bikes owner, together in bike commuting brotherhood)

Lots of councilpeople had good stuff to say about bike commuting (unfortunately Fenty couldn't make it). Lots of free bagels, coffee, water bottles, and t-shirts. Lots of photo opps for Gwadzilla. Doesn't get much better than that ....

Or does it???

The crown jewel of today's event was most certainly the musical entertainment provided by the Tune-Ups (click here for Charlie's photo documentary). Many mad props to Heidi for all the hard work she put into pulling together some of the best musical talent DC has to offer. It was truly an honor and a privilege to be part of this vocal ensemble. Can't wait for next year!

Photos ....

left: Ilana keeps the bicycle charged battery powered for the speaker system
right: Heidi and ....damn it, I can't remember her name

left: Jenn - new teammate on DCMTB and fellow EPA employee
right: Yay, it's chicken n' goat!

left: Matt (dcmtb president) and Kent (veteran dcmtb teammate)
right: Marc ...working on his day off. What a champ.

left: Corey, Kurt, and Holly Bolly (neighbor, neighbor, housemate!)

Next time you're at City Bikes (Adams Morgan) be sure to shower Marc with accolades and/or fresh baked bread. That's his favorite.

Be sure to check out Gwadzilla and Charlie's coverage of the day!

See you next year!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Harley Blog

The Battley-Harley Davidson guys have a new blog up.

Be sure to check out their coaching tips on the TRIAL of TIME

Bike to Work Day!

Washington, DC
Freedom Plaza
May 16, 2008 - 8:00am

Featuring the Tune-Ups

Register HERE
Organized by WABA

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Police Week

May 11 - 17, 2008
Washington, DC

I always wonder about the social aspects of these conventions.

What is the social pecking order?
Do the big city cops mingle with the small town cops?
Do the LA and NYC police get all the ladies?
Motorcycle cops, bike cops, and horse cops?
Do they band together or is there animosity between these classes?
Why are they always playing bagpipes? What's with the kilts?
Are Segway cops invited to the after party?

Just some things I think about...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bear Mt. Report

Heading to Bear Mountain:
After the Ft. Ritchie Crit Kate, Evan and I loaded into Kate’s Honda Fit and headed to New York for the Bear Mountain road race to take place the following day. Turns out you can cram a lot of shit up in the Honda Fit. I was really rather amazed, especially considering we were operating without a roof rack. Our inventory included the following:

- three bikes
- three people
- three helmets
- three pair road shoes
- three bags
- four gallons of water
- 12 bottles of beer (evan’s prime prize)
- one floor pump
- one set spare wheels
- yoga foam roller thing
- eight bananas (give or take)
- one folding chair
- ….hmmmmm and some other stuff

Oh, and we were lucky enough to end up with the DELUXE room at the Days Inn in Nanuet. That's right, D-Lux....

The course:
4 lap course of roughly 14 miles each (56 mile total) with a 3.5 mile climb per lap. Aside from the climb, it was a pretty chill course, oh, and it had a downhill finish.

Race Report:
Back in the winter I expressed a desire to learn to love climbing as much as I love birthday cake. Still a bit of a disconnect there, but I thought going to Bear Mountain was a good step in the direction of improving my climbing skills.
(photo credit:

I’m still trying to figure out if I operate best using an associative or dissociative approach to dealing with pain and suffering on the bike. I think most of the top athletes in any endurance sport tend to use an associative approach by tapping into their pain as a kind of a masochistic fix. The Buddhist in me would like to us the dissociative approach, but I can’t seem to convince myself that the pain is just a state of mind. I should do a lit. review on this at some point.

Things were going ok until we hit the climb for the second time. My legs got heavy, my quads were throbbing, and a gap opened up between me and the lead group. I new I could probably catch them on the flats just after the climb. This was a mistake. I should have just absolutely buried myself …did I have it in me though …still trying to figure that out.

Just after I lost contact with the lead group the sausage parade came through (men’s pro1/2), passing myself and the other small group of ladies I was with. Immediately upon passing us they sat up, creating a sausage road block, therefore sealing our fate of chase group for what would be the remainder of the race. Oh well, that’s racing for you. That’s the price you pay for losing contact.

Meanwhile, up front, Lorena was turning the screws and really putting the hurt on the women’s field. Unfortunately, no one was willing to go with her on any of the breaks she initiated. The course is a little counter intuitive. It is a climber’s course; however, it doesn’t really do much to reward a pure climber in the end because the climb is located so far from the finish. So even if Lorena had gotten away on the climb on the last lap, they would surely catch her on the long flats. In the end it came down to a field sprint which resulted in Kate and Lorena taking 5th and 6th respectively. The podium was swept by the Canadian crew... this seems to be a habit.

As for me, I found some ladies to work with. I fancy myself queen of pace line organization. It’s a lot like hosting a party (click invite on right). I have a knack for it. I rolled in somewhere ….not in the top ten.


Cat 1/2/3 Women, 56 miles, 55 starters
1. 232 Beth Miller, North Atlantic-Velo /
2. 244 Jen Stephenson, Team Ultralink
3. 205 Joanie Caron, Equipe Cascades
4. 231 Sinead Miller, UPMC Cycling Performance
5. 214 Kate Fiore, HPC Powered by Altarum
6. 204 Lorena Candrian, HPC Powered by Altarum
7. 210 Sabra Davison
8. 217 Audrey Friedrichsen Scott, Bikeway/Verge Sport
9 230 Alyssa Mellon, Team Ultralink
10.237 Lucie Poulin, Le Yeti