Monday, April 7, 2008

Walkersville & Tyson's

I. Tour of Walkersville

With a start time of 8am in a town roughly 1.5 hours away from DC, Lorena and I decided to spend the night at Hillary’s place conveniently located just 7 miles from the course. This made for a more leisurely morning complete with Lorena’s special pre-race breakfast of Fruity Pebbles. I believe this was actually my very first bowl of Fruity Pebbles I’ve ever consumed. Definitely a feast for the eyes; however, I think my favorite trashy cereal is still Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

It was a rolling course with a few little steep sections that felt to me more like whoop-de-doos the first couple laps but added up around laps 5, 6, and 7. It was a great day for HPC/List as 7 of us rolled to the line. From early in the race we started sending off attacks. Several of our girls got away within the first few laps. Most notable was Chris's solo breakaway that lasted almost a complete lap (if my memory serves me correctly). Once Chris was brought back, Lorena, Jenette, Kristi, Kate, and Michelle set to work attacking the field. CycleLife put some work into the chase as well as other ladies such as Sonja Evers of Team VanderKitten and Arley Kemmerer of Hub Racing. Oh, and let me just say, that Arley has the best smelling fabric softener in the women's 1/2/3 field. I really must find out what she uses.

Where was I…oh yes, so HPC was “woman-handling” the field for much of the race. With one lap to go, Chris again attacked the field and successfully held her solo breakaway for an entire lap!!!! This is her home turf! K-Country!!! With maybe a quarter of a lap left a chase group comprised of Susanna (Kelley Benefits), Melanie (CycleLife), and Lorena (HPC/List) was organized and eventually caught Chris within….maybe a mile of the finish? After having been away for almost an entire lap, Chris was quick to recover. In the end Lorena took first followed by Chris who still had a sprint in her after her heroic solo breakaway. It must be the Fruity Pebbles and Circus Peanuts (I’ll have to put that on my grocery list)

As for me, I came into the final straightaway in great position (5 wheels back). I just kept staring at Kate’s hub and let its hypnotic powers pull me along. The sprint started a bit early. I got out of the saddle in effort to “light it up”; however, I think I needed a little more ignition. My sprint could use some work…so I ended up finishing somewhere in the teens…14th? 15th? Something like that. So…I have room to grow, not a bad place to be.
ps - Ladies, please let me know if I've messed up any details, so much to keep track of!

II. Sonoma

Saturday night our team had a meet-n-greet gathering at Sonoma in Capitol Hill. It was a classy little gathering complete with fancy cheese, pastrami, and other delectable hors d'oeuvres.

III. Tyson’s Corner
(Jeff Anderson photos...thanks Jeff!)
I would like to begin by saying that I absolutely love my teammates. It is such a privilege and honor to race with so many amazing women. We rode a smart race yesterday and worked together with the style and grace of synchronized swimmers. While I didn’t have much to offer in the way of massive attacks, I was happy to play my part and represent our team as best I could.

It was a busy race with few dull moments. Attacks came and went, but in the end it came down to a field sprint. Our very own Jenette Williams wound it up and shot herself to the front of the field securing another HPC/List victory at Tyson’s Corner (Kate Flore won last year). This was a particularly impressive win as Jenette has been battling some kind of flu thing all weekend. Somehow she managed to put that aside long enough to catapult her into the arms of victory. Quite the Rock Star! Second and third place went to Lorena and Heidi respectively.

Again, I was in great position coming out of the last corner, but came up empty handed when I reached for my sprint. It was a good race for me though. There was a moment when I came very close to my total meltdown threshold and was able to stick it out long enough to see the other side. So, this weekend’s take home message is….

“Incorporate more sprint workouts in training regime.”

Oh! and congratulations to other HPC folks:

Tania Steinschneider for her 2nd place finish in the Cat 4 race Jeff Brando for his victory in the men's Cat 3/4 race
Nice job!

IV. Post Race Mtb Ride….
…or not. I blasted out of Tyson’s Corner hot on a mission to squeeze in a mtb ride before the sun kissed the horizon. I was dressed and on the trail by 6pm. But it was not to be. The body of my new Avid Juicy front brake was rubbing the spokes….game over! I had no idea how to fix this problem. I’d never seen such a thing. According to expert sources (Ben Blitch of B4 Consulting and Construction) this issue can easily be remedied with a few spacers. I am eager to bring my bike back into working order.

V. Weekend Results :

Tour of Walkersville (full results not yet posted)*

1) Lorena Candrian (HPC/List powered by Altarum)
2) Chris Kelley (HPC/List powered by Altarum)
3) Susanna Matson (Kelley Benefits)

Tyson's Corner (click here for full results)*

1) Jenette Williams (HPC/List powered by Altarum)
2) Lorena Candrian (HPC/List powered by Altarum)
3) Heidi Goldberg (Team Kenda Tire)

Another great weekend for HPC/LIST! Woohoo!!!

Other Race Reports to Checkout:

*note: cat3 results have been separated from cat1/2


Lorena said...

Anna - I had a blast with you this weekend, as always. You crack me up. I think that our pre-race massage parties, fruity pebbles, and sleeping next to gerbils/rats was the secret to a successful weekend. You had some great racing - nice job!
Thanks for writing up the report for our team.

Lorena said...

Oh, and what if we started a synchronized swimming team? Imagine all of our awful tan-lined legs sticking out of the water...

mikejoos said...

Good to see that your getting some training races in before sea otter.

oh and did you see that Clayton won the men’s pro race! pretty impressive.

See you next Thursday!!

Anna said...


Yeah, I talked with Clayton a little before the race started. I think the last time I saw him was Fitchburg 2003. Or maybe the Yarmouth Clam Festival? Where does the time go?

Wow, I guess it is next Thursday. Crazy!!! See you then!

Lorena, thanks again for being you. In addition to being psycho fast you are also a ray of pure sunshine bringing love and laughter to every race weekend. I think racing season is just a good excuse for slumber parties.

K-country said...

Nice coverage of the weekend activities-Love the sync swimming! I may have to try pre race Fruity Pebbles-although I'm still recovering from that Peep Jdub made me eat. Great racing w/ you this weekend!

goat said...

Congrats to everyone! Best of luck at Sea Otter, I wish I could go. Chicken and I are racing Fairhill, not even in the same league, oh well :(

I'll pretend to be in Cali where the sun always shines and the single-track never ends.

Chickin said...

Actually we'll be in Alabama for Sea Otter weekend. Even better! (Detect sarcasm in that statement.)

Great race report. I think I'll stop writing them now and just link to yours.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Sorry I wasn't there - especially if there were good parties! What do you mean 14th? Come on now, really!
See you in Antarctica.
YOur good pal, emma

Anna said...

Listen lady, the gig is up. I know it's you mom!

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was so disguised!