Tuesday, April 15, 2008


WABA Gala: I'll just let the pictures tell the story
Christian escorted us to the car....

Jenn and Javan are a new addition to the City Bikes Team:

The Donahues are now proud owners of a Cabot cheese wheel

Jenn won the bid on a messenger bag:

The Foleys...soon to be 3!

Sheba and Delilah made a grand entrance:

Matt, Joe, Bega and Hillary:

Forgot to get a photo of Joel and his wife! Damn it!!!
Anybody wanna insert a thought bubble for Hillary?


gwadzilla said...

I think that Hillary is thinking...

joel is either nice or creepy...
either way
I think he is starting to hurt me
take the picture so he will stop holding me so tight

jeff peel took some great shots
they are on his flickr pate

Lorena said...

You look way buff in that first photo! I thought cyclists aren't supposed to have buff arms? I guess that is the mtn biker in you.

Lorena said...

Oh, and I love your dress. It's beautiful.
Did you notice that the pattern at the top looks a little like the old city bikes logo? That's why you got it, right?

Anna said...

Lorena, you're too kind.

Indeed, this is our team podium dress for the 2008 season. It would look fabulous on you too! Still sure don't wanna stay on the team? We miss you!