Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sea Otter: Part I

Part One:
I arrived in Oakland, CA yesterday around 4pm and made my way to Fairfax where I stayed with Jacquie Phelan and Charlie Cunningham. When I arrived, Jacquie was in the kitchen preparing a beautiful dinner gleaned entirely from local Fairfax dumpsters. It has been an impressive four years since Jacquie last purchased goods from a grocery store.

We dined in their garden and talked late into the evening... she is an endless wealth of knowledge, energy and creativity and I listened eagerly to the endless stories and quirky bits of knowledge she so graciously heaped onto my plate.

Last night I slumbered in the Airstream while they slept perched up in the trees in their treehouse bedroom... Swiss Family Robinson Style.

This morning Charlie worked in the garden while I built up my bike. Charlie looked over my bike approvingly. He seemed pleasantly surprised with the frame design of my Kona Kula Supreme. It was a rather surreal morning.... french toast and tea with Jacquie, some banjo playing, talking shop with Charlie, talking life with both of them, a little friendly arm wrestling. I loaded up my pimp-ass rental Pontiac G8, they bid me fair well, and I headed south for Monterey. Truly an experience that will forever be in my scrapbook of memories.

So...anyway, I pre-rode the course today. I wouldn't call it technical, but the sand certainly does make for some sketchy cornering. I ate some shit today trying to take the descents a bit too fast. Ok, it's bed time...more later.


Lorena said...

Anna - you are the coolest person I know. Who else would have the gumption to go out and make friends with a legend like Jacquie Phelen, spend the night with her, and then not be embarrassed to post a picture of yourself getting beat by someone over 20 years your senior in arm wrestling. And what's up with that? I mean, I just noted how buff your arms look in your WABA dress, and then you go and get taken in an arm wrestling match. I know you told me it wasn't a "real" match only because she took you. She's ripped though, and your climbing well, so I'll let it slide this time.

NJ said...

yeah not sure how you're getting beat; your pipes are 10 times hers. But she's got age, and experience - and technique. Notice she's doing the pull-in. She's a sneaky one ... You'll learn, youngin'. You'll learn.

Anna said...

Things got hectic pretty quick. I lost my composure. When I looked up and saw that fire in her eye...I knew it was all over.'ve got a blog now! How exciting! Looking forward to reading your prose and keeping up to date with your latest images! I've heard you wax poetic at times.

The Director said...

Thanks for those pics; it's been years since I've seen or spoken to either of those characters. How great you got to hang out at their home.