Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sea Otter: Part II

Ok, so I’ve kind of been putting off this race report because:

a) I am not altogether pleased with the results
b) I’m feeling a little disappointed in my performance
c) I’m still processing how I feel about the event as a whole

In my defense, I will say I think the course could have used a lot more rocks and a lot less gravel road. So, here’s how it happened:

Women's Expert XC Race

The race began with about half a lap on the race track before it made an exit onto the gravel road. I was in great position from the start, riding up in the top five. I felt good. My head was in the race. We hit the single track and stayed together…the pace actually got quite slow. I stayed with these ladies for….about half the race? Then the climbs came and I let a gap form…and then I lost sight of them…and then I lost my mental edge.

I’m not sure what happened in my brain, but I just wasn’t in the race mentally. The course lacked the technicality I crave…and I just didn’t have that edge I needed to push myself to the wall. I wasn’t out for a leisurely Sunday ride, but I definitely feel that I had more to give that race…and I didn’t…for some reason…I’m still not sure why. It’s so much easier to keep your focus in a road race when you’re shoulder to shoulder with ladies who are just as close to puking their brains out. It’s rather convenient that way. (random filler photo)

I was especially irked with myself when I saw how close I could have come to making up a few places if I had just stayed focused. So the results are as follows:

Yeah, nothing to write home about.

Jacquie and I talked about the race at some length… it meant a lot to me that she took the time to offer her insight. I think I’d like to adopt her as my surrogate mother.

In other news:

Wandering around the venue I ran into a few old friends (Nate from Athen's pictured to the right) I haven’t seen in a while. It was good to have some time to catch up with Mike… as always, we shared a few good laughs (btw - it was Mike who talked me into this crazy trip in the first place). Oh, and I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to Mike’s dad for providing the hotel. We really couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to stay! By they way, if you’re looking to add some more of the visual arts to your life, please check out Mike’s ebay store…he’s cranking out some good stuff these days. (photo of mike at starting line)

After the race on Sunday I made a quick jaunt to the beach, soaked in a good ten minutes of oceanic serenity, hopped in my Pimpin’ Pontiac, and drove back up to San Francisco where I stayed with my cousin Amanda and her fiancé, Cameron. It’s too bad she lives so far away… she’s an awesome lady… and she makes me proud to be a Kelso.

On the plane trip back I was reunited with my new nanny friends I made on the flight out. Sounds like they might come out to watch Greenbrier next weekend???
From the get go I thought it was a funny idea to haul my ass out to Califorania for an expert race. Lackluster results aside, I still think I got my money's worth. It's all about the friends you make along the way.
Click here for full photo coverage
oh, and it turns out that Joel was just up the road attending a wedding, funny small world


mikejoos said...

It was nice having your company, oh and I just noticed that we both finished 6th from last. What a weird coincidence.

Don’t get too down on your self. You know I was just joking about punishing your self if you didn’t do as good as expected. So please don’t cut yourself.

Thanks for the complements on my art work and cheering me on during the race.

Anonymous said...

Did you leave Michaux flyers on all the people's cars who finished in front of you???? Paybacks are hell!

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Top 10 in the expert class is nothing to sneeze at - be proud. Your trip sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Javaun said...

Hey Anna,

That was a good finish and you should be proud. We're our own toughest critics, and your result was great.

Which brakes did you end up using? Did the SRAM adapter arrive in time?

It sounds like the course wasn't as technical as you'd like. I know there have been a lot of criticisms of some of the big races that they're turning more and more into road events. That's too bad, b/c back in the day riders like Johnny Tomac used to love hammering the nasty courses on their primitive bikes. We have it too easy...

Rob said...


How did you lose to WorldPeace? Like that's even her last name. What a poser. (not you, that worldpeace ho.)

mandydale said...

It was so great seeing you Anna! Cameron and I had a most excellent time hanging out with you!

fridrix said...

what about venderkittens