Saturday, April 12, 2008


Fellow Penn Stater, Mike Friedman (aka Meatball) of Slipstream/Chipotle, recently posted this to the Penn State cycling team (photo from Velo News):

Well, its been some time since I wrote to the list serve. I thought I'd drop a line not to tell stories, or give advice, but rather to ask for your thoughts and prayers.

While this is another bike race, it's not "just" another bike race. This is one of blood, mud, and tears. Its not a question of if I will crash, its a question of how many times I go down and how many times I can get back up and keep moving forward.

We are all in the bus, on the way to the teams presentation.
The skys are sunny, but the forcast is gray. Rain, wind, and cold. I actually prefer it to be as miserable as possible. The more epic the better.

We have all the staff in the world here. 5 soigneurs, 4 directors, 4 mechanics, and I can't even guess at the amount of equipment. Felt made us special bikes that are absolutely bad ass. A bit longer, and cut out in areas to allow the use of 27 c tires and still have room for mud clearance. The brake arms have been elongated to make up for the gap in frame size from the normal bikes to roubaix bikes and padding added to the bars.

Anyways, seriously, this is war. There is nothing nice about what I will encounter tomorrow so please say a prayer or cross your fingers or whatever because its going to be totally insane, and completely awesome.

All the best to you guys,


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