Monday, April 14, 2008

Mt. Joy Race Report

Last week was just one of those weeks when nothing seemed to go as planned. I started off the week trying to sort out brake issues on my mtb only to find I need some crazy adapter thing, Tuesday I had a cavity filled that turned out to need further attention, Wed I went for a long mtb ride and created new mechanical issues, driving back a paint can opened in the back of my truck (luckily avoiding all things bike related), Thursday I had a root canal (which is awesome), Friday I got bit by a an insect while riding to work which left a nice red welt under my eye…very attractive for the WABA Gala.

It is for this reason that I was not surprised when I found I could not shift into my big chainring just 30 min. before the start of the Mt. Joy Road Race on Saturday morning. Bega, kind soul that he is, offered his mechanical support and in exchange I supplied his team with gels they forgot to pack. With not much of a warm-up I made my way to the start/finish conveniently located a little over a mile from the parking area…ah, there’s my warm-up. This weekend’s HPC/List squad was comprised of Lorena, Kate, Michelle, Chris, and yours truly.

At 24 miles…it was a rather short race. I kinda felt a little gypped (someone told me this word is that true?). With a $37 dollar entry fee (late fee included) that comes to about $1.55 per mile, not to mention that it’s too short for upgrade points to count. Well, all of that aside, I will say it was so good to be racing on Pennsylvania soil. It was a beautiful course and we were quite lucky not to be racing in the rain.

Kate, Chris, and Michelle were doing their best to mix things up. Lorena and Michelle did manage to make a couple breaks, but nothing really seemed to stick as there were a number of strong riders in the field. I was rather pleased with my own efforts in making sure nothing got away. I’d also like to go ahead and say that I felt pretty strong on the climbs…which is something I’ve been working on. At one lap to go Lorena was getting ready to lay the hammer down on one of the hills…but sadly fell upon her own mechanical issues which set her back a good bit. (photo: Michelle after she got all cleaned up)

It was a squirrelly little field. Lots of close calls. Lots of sketchy wheels. I stayed close to the ladies I know and trust.

With about 2 miles left Heidi was driving the pace at the front of the field. I was on her wheel…we came to a fork in the road…the course went right…she went left. We took the pace down a notch to allow her to regain contact. Things started getting messy coming into the last mile. I seem to remember Chris putting in a nice attack? I was sitting in good position about 3 wheels back…then I heard that nauseating metal scraping on asphalt sound. There was a pretty good pile up behind us that unfortunately took down Michelle just as she was about to wind it up. (click image for full results)

At the 200m mark I was in great position, shoulder to shoulder with my former Penn State teammate Erica Allar (Aaron’s). We came in for the final sprint and I just didn’t have that snap, but I did manage to make it into the top ten. Kate had an impressive sprint (despite the fact that she didn't have a lead-out...sorry about that Kate!!!!) that landed her securely in 6th place.

So, not exactly a rock star race for us this weekend, but we held our own. Michelle had some good scrapes and was a bit dazed, but seems to be on the mend. I guess the next big road race on the schedule is Poolesville. See you then!!!

Congrats to Arly of Hub Racing for her third place finish. Best result of the season!
(photo: recovery drink and coffee...a perfect combination)
ps - Lorena totally would have won that shit.


Icon O. Classt said...

Perhaps it's time you got up to speed on the subject of bike mechanics. I mean, in your spare know, when you're not racing or training or working or blogging...which is to say, while your sleeping. ;) Maybe slip a copy of Barnett's under a very plush pillow and hope for a little midnight osmosis?

Anna said...

I had a feeling someone might bring up that point. I'm working on it. Right now my old road bike is serving as a place for practicing my less than stellar mechanical skills. Progress not perfection.

mikejoos said...

9th is respectable, did you get any upgrade points? Should I add to your thermometer chart?

Glad to hear you didn’t get caught in that crash, maybe your bad luck streak is over?

See you Friday