Friday, April 11, 2008

A Juicy Gripe

So….I thought I was doing the responsible thing by replacing my old, beat-up, "well worn" Hayes Hydraulic Disc Brakes with the Avid Juicy Seven counterpart. Turns out that the caliper housing has a tendency to hit the spokes of certain wheels…such as mine. Not really sure why mine are so unique. I don't pretend to be an official on the subject. Is there something I don't understand? What is it? My WTB hubs? Velocity rims (normal rims, nothing crazy)? WTF?

So, with less than a week before I leave for Sea Otter I am now waiting for SRAM to overnight some kind of adapter thing. I liked Bega’s original idea of shaving off the measly fraction of a millimeter from the caliper body. I guess SRAM has a more orthodox remedy to my predicament. I have half a mind to put my old brakes back on. Ughhhh…just had to vent.

I will say, it is a kind gesture for SRAM to expedite the delivery of said adapter. However, I am wondering what kind of adapter this might be? How reliable is it?

This reminds me of the ongoing issue of nonexistent industry standards...some folks have their conspiracy theories. If there is no standard, it's easy to dodge responsibility in the event of product failure (re: conversation with JP). Maybe we should organize an industry standard summit? Voiceless consumers unite! Or maybe I'll just figure out how to get my bike in working order by next weekend...yeah, that sounds like a better use of time.

Looks like other folks have had this problem as well.


Icon O. Classt said...

My guess is, it has to do with the hub flange diameter..a small hub flange diameter means the spokes leave the flange at a lesser angle, placing them closer to the caliper body. Of course, the rim could play a part too, based on how the spokes holes line up and how wide the rim is (a wider rim would place the spokes closer to the caliper).

Damn, that hurt my brain...I need a beer.

Disclaimer: I'm about as much of a mechanical engineer as I am a professional MTB racer.

Stephen Wahl said...

I have not had that problem and love the brakes. Of course, mine came with the bike so they probably addressed the issue before hand.

I have had good service from SRAM. I broke one of the carbon levers and they sent me a new one at no cost. Can't beat that.

Stephen Wahl said...

Oh, and the stock pads kind of suck. I switched mine out for EBCs I think. The stock front pad made a lot of noise and didn't stop as well as the EBC pads. The rear is fine since it doesn't do as much work as the front.

Anna said...

Wow, Steve, that was pretty impressive. Go take a breather. You do deserve a beer after all that.

Oh, and Steve W., it helps to know that you like your brakes. I was beginning to doubt the whole thing altogether. So, thanks for you words of wisdom and ecouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna!
Your problem is not in your WTB's or your EBC's. I've been through this before and I really know what you are going through.
It is most definitely in your NSMC's. You've heard of them, haven't you? Well,all you have to do is take them out, wash them up, and voila, you will find things to be functioning nicely.If you need a little help with your NSMC's check with Emma. N
Now do I get a beer?