Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greenbrier Report

What's the best way to approach a mtb race report? The problem with writing a report for a mtb race is that it quickly becomes a rather narcissistic account of the trials, tribulations, and sometimes victories of the narrator. These things are best saved for a personal journal I think. …who really wants to read that stuff?

On the other hand, a race report may include the results for an entire team…highlighting individual trials, tribulations and victories. This kind of reporting can become rather labor intensive. So, what’s the point? Why write a race report when folks can easily get on line and see the results. What is it that we hope to derive from a race report?

Photo on left provided by JD Galleries. Lots of great photos on their site!

In ten years, what will we want to remember about this day? I think the long and short of it is….it’s a bike race…. Greenbrier always attracts stellar athletes as it is a convenient opportunity to qualify for nationals.... local and national heroes line up and race the same course.... technical riders get their chance to shine… old racing friends are reunited….ad infinitum

So, all that being said, I’ll do my best to give a brief highlight of how the day panned out for the DCMTB Team and its extended family. Oh, and I wasn’t in the picture taking mood. Sometimes I feel a bit awkward taking pictures at these events because it somehow removes you from the actual event itself. Speaking of taking pictures, let’s start this race report with Joel:

Joel: Despite the fact that he had a flat and had to wrestle with those pesky Specialized skewers, Gwadz was able to hold onto a first place finish for the Clydesdale class!!! (Gwadzilla's account of Greenbrier)

Jenn: After winning the female solo class at Baker’s Dozen last weekend, Jenn’s problem knee was a bit fatigued. Sadly she was not able to finish the women’s marathon event. Rest up lady! You gotta win more races!

Javaun: Even though he wasn’t sporting a DCMTB jersey…I’ll still give him props for his 11th place finish in the marathon event.

Joe: Joe cranked out some good lap times in the marathon and finished in 13th place. Guess he’s getting in as much racing as possible before the baby arrives!

MattyD: Matt is really coming into form. He had a good race with a 6th place finish in the men’s expert field (just behind McGill). Must be all that sandbagging at the Tuesday night hill reps?

RickyD: (we’ll still include him even if part of the SS Outlaw Clan) RickyD flatted, but like always…he did it with style and finished with spunk.

Steve: Finished with an impressive 6th place in the men’s single speed division…. Apparently he fell down the rabbit hole or something… I need to read that e-mail again

Tris & Mike: After racing in the early morning, Tris and Mike did a fabulous job of cheering and supporting the rest of the team.

Chris (McGill): Racing single speed in the men’s expert field, Chris had a fabulous day on the bike which landed him in 5th place in the expert field ….quite impressive considering the other folks had some gears to choose from.

Me: Hmmm….I put in a good effort. I still think I’m holding back on the climbs for some reason. Wasn’t so impressed with my 5th place finish, but at least the time gaps weren’t too big.

Lord…who am I missing…..Darren? Chris Clark? Jonathan? Loren? Sorry!
(See, this is what I mean….it gets tricky)

The Nannies: Would you believe that the nannies (Kimberley and Raquel) I met last weekend on the airplane came out to watch the race?! They were a little confused… and a little cold, hungry, and tired…. but I was really touched that they made it out to watch the race!!! I’ll have to join them at the karaoke bar some time! I do a great Janice Joplin impression!

Pro Results:
1) Jeff Schalk
2) Chris Eatough
3) Harlan Price

1) Theresa Richardson
2) Cheryl Sornson (prospective life coach)
3) Johanna Kraus


So…next weekend is Poolesville and Michaux…I’ll be sure to take pictures.


Icon O. Classt said...

Yeah, it's a blog with your name as the title...can't have any narcissism there, now, can we? ;)

Great write-up post; that drawing of Gwadzilla is uncanny in its resemblance!

Anna said...

You got me, I'm a closet narcissist. I try to keep it under wraps.

Anna said...

...and you raise a good point about my blog address...I've been questioning that decision more lately. It kind of blows my cover.

Icon O. Classt said...

All in jest, you know.

Some covers should be blown...

mikejoos said...

I couldn’t agree more about the narcissism piece. I feel selfish when I describe races, they are pretty narrow minded a bias accounts.

Conrad’s on the excellent photo. You look like you are tearing shit up in that picture!!!

Anna said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I do...tear shit up. It's pretty awesome.