Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That’s right race fans, we’re coming up on Saddle Sore Season (SSS) and it is never too early to prepare yourself for the raw rough road ahead (I’m really into alliteration these days). In the past, I’ve suffered the consequences for not taking the proper precautions in the beginning of the season and paid the price by the time August rolled around. (image to the right: http://www.bikingbis.com)

The cyber-cycling community is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advice on how best to approach this particularly delicate yet slightly humorous situation. Prevention is the best line of defense...however, lancing may be necessary in some situations.

I have created a small library of resources below. Of all of them, I have found Keith Bontrager’s to be the most entertaining and informative. Enjoy!

Keith Bontrager

“Lubrication is simple. Mix up a large vat of petroleum jelly with some antibiotic ointment and some pain reliever. The latter is probably optional, but I use it because I always have.The trick to effective lubrication for a long stage is to use a lot.. Smear the stuff onto the chamois in a large quantity - three fingers worth, minimum. It should feel weird when you put you shorts on. That won't matter. But you want it to last all day, so you need a lot. That's why I don't want to use any expensive Swiss stuff. It would cost a fortune.”

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MRussell said...

Bag Balm is great. A little dab'll do ya.

Take care of your undercarriage and it'll take care of you.

Be well.

Anna said...

Truer words never spoken.

KMAX said...

Damn, coulda used this about a year ago before I'd ever heard of such thing as saddle sores... Slightly afraid to read what Fatty has to say about saddle sore though.

Anna said...

He also seems to like to rock the alliteration.

"Painful Purple Pimple of Pustulence"

gwadzilla said...

I have never tried chamois butter
have heard good things about the bag balm

maybe the next time we cross paths on the mount pleasant strip we will get to meet up with my old friend Blevis

well... he is an old acquaintance

but I am friends with Super Dave
and Dave and Blevis have been friends forever

Anna said...

Do they like the bag balm?