Monday, March 3, 2008


It was a pretty hectic weekend which involved a short visit to State College, then down to Skyline Drive in Virginia, and finally back up to Maryland for my first single speed (and fully rigid) experience.

Thursday night I headed up to State College in order to pick up some old parts at Freeze Thaw and begin the tedious process of building up my new commuter bike (re: Thursday’s wreck). Arriving early Friday morning (I had the day off) I was greeted with the biting cold of a true Pennsylvania winter. I stayed with my good friend Kevin whose home is an eclectic amalgam of creative ingenuity and Quaker simplicity. It was a cozy morning, with a thick layer of snow gleaming in through the window.

Making it back into DC on Friday night, I had just enough energy to whip up a fine meal of eggs and toast and stumble the three flights of stairs up to my room.

Saturday was a slow start (sorry Lorena!!!). Lorena and I met up for a ride up on Skyline Drive. It was a bit windy, but much warmer than I expected. It was a good day to be in the mountains. On our way back Lorena stopped for a KFC recovery meal. Turns out she might have a chance to win $1,000!!!! WOOHOO!!! Lorena, I expect a dinner date if you win! I really have a good feeling about this one.

Sunday brought me back up to Maryland for Single Speed Punk Bike. It was to be my first experience not only on a single speed, but also on a fully rigid bike. You may remember the accolades I showered on Matt for riding in the shed on his rigid single speed last weekend? Well, he was kind enough to entrust me with that same bike for Sunday’s festivities. I knew it was a beefy gear he was running (34/17)...but now I have a true appreciation that burns deep in my quads. I didn’t even really need to adjust the seat post as I spent the majority of the day cranking away out of the saddle. Well, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.


Punk Bike was a fabulous experience as it seemed to capture the very essence of what it means to truly love mountain biking. While the day’s event may not have fit neatly into my training regime (yeah, I have a training regime), I can’t think of a better way to welcome in the beginning of another racing season. For me racing is a delicate balance of having fun, taking yourself seriously as an athlete, pushing your limits, and enjoying the experience in the company of good friends. When all four are aligned, I’d say that’s a successful season. Oh, and being on the podium doesn’t hurt things either.

At the end of the day it was the Sornsons who were crowned King and Queen! Congrats! Can’t wait for next year!

ps – Cheryl, I’m serious about this life coach thing!!!


Lorena said...

awww...I thought the Punk Bike thing was our super-duper-special secret. And I was so proud of my evasive answers when asked about where you were yesterday at Tradezone.

Icon O. Classt said...

It was good to meet you yesterday. You kicked some serious ass and put that borrowed bike through its paces...nice work!

Some bad pix can be found here. More coming soon.

mikejoos said...

What kind of concoction is that person drinking out of the zip lock bag? Looks like pee with some diarrhea mixed up in it.

Icon O. Classt said...

mikej, I don't know what kind of bars you hang out in, but that's an imperial stout from Clipper City ("Peg Leg"). Damn lumps in there, I assure you, ha.

riderx said...

Thanks for coming out and playing in our bicycle games. And speaking of podiums, you had the number 2 spot for the ladies class.

As to the beer, judging by the color of the product in the baggy that looks like the ├╝ber abbey that was in keg #2. Prost!

Icon O. Classt said...

Oops, riderx is right...good stuff all the same.

(hah, my word verification is "lag up"...close, anyway; hey, it's a slow night). More pix are up.

goat said...

Very cool, indeed - and a crazy tube hernia, too.

Antony said...

Hey Anna, nice to meet you yesterday. Send me an email if you want to carpool to a wakefield night ride sometime.


Anna said...

Our wireless is down at our house, so I've been a bit slow with my responses. Anybody else having Verizon issues?

The beer was the color of the good earth we rode on ...and a tasty beer indeed.

I'm really sorry I didn't opt for video when it came to the tube hernia made for a great explosion.

It was so nice to meet all of you, and thanks to those who made it all run as smooth as the beer that poured in copious amounts.

Oh, and I later learned that the gear ratio was a 34/17. Woohoo!

camps said...

Wow, virgin ride on a SS and rigid? Nice work there keepin' up with Churtle. Does MattyD want his bike back now? that is one seriously stiff gear!

camps said...

those KNEE HIGH socks white with RAINBOW stripes woulda been neato for the Punk w/ my black knickers.

Anna said...

Yeah, I returned Matt's bike Sunday night, but I am currently scheming on building up a SS of my own. I've got some other projects in the works at the moment, so it might take some time.

I'm sure there will be other well worn rainbow socks on ebay in the future. I'll keep you posted if I see any good deals. They would complement your knickers quite well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

I found your blog. Cool day on Sunday. Gotta love the firsts. E-mail to ride more, I'd like to tag on the parkway rides and I'll show ya Michaux.

Cheryl aka Churtle

jojo said...

Anna, It was great to see you - rock the PBE!

It was great to ride (or at least try to follow) a great group of WOMEN

Anna said...

Good to see you too! It was a great turn out for the ladies! Hope to see you again soon!

Anna said...

Anthony, if you're reading this, my e-mail is annakelso@hotmail. I can't reply to you through your comment. I might be down for wakefield tomorrow night.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear that the collision didn't do any major bodily damage. Sorry about your bike though. Thanks for taking the time to loan me your bike box even after that crazy crash. I'll get that back to you ASAP

Anna said...

My pleasure! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Great meeting you at the PBE! That was one of my all time favorite rides!

Anna said...

Great meeting you too! Great skirt by the way!

I'm actually heading up there this morning for a nice long ride. Woohoo!

hope to see you again soon!