Monday, March 10, 2008

Moca Bike

Friday night I met up with my coworker and friend, Josh (check out his food blog MunchDC), and together we headed over to an art opening in Georgetown at Moca DC. I’m not really sure how best to summarize our experience…. I must say that I was expecting a little more in the way of artistic expression and a little less in the way of … slightly shady erotica. A few glasses of boxed wine made the experience more palatable. (above photo was found on Roubaix Girl's myspace page. I think it's the Norwegian National Team?Classic! We couldn't take photos at Moca DC...sorry)

In addition to the large collection of erotic photography, stained glass penis, and S&M paraphernalia the exhibit also featured live body painting on nude models. In retrospect, it was an interesting experience with respect to performance art…so much going on in Georgetown! Who knew?

Saturday @ Freeze Thaw

In a few months Jordyn will be entering parenthood!!! They grow up so fast!

Second Saturday

Despite the impromptu organization of this month’s Second Saturday event, it went quite well. Bobby Belfiore displayed his collection of contemporary cityscapes (oil on canvas) painted several years ago while living in New York City. This collection is the product of a pivotal time in Bobby’s life as he made the transition from painting the human form to using the city as his subject; an artifact of internal turmoil.

Kelley Acres
Trying to figure out where and when to ride on Sunday made for a traffic jam of e-mails over the DCMTB list-serve. In the end, I decided to head out to Kelley Acres for the infamous Chris Kelley ride and post ride home cooked meal. It was a beautiful day (aside from being a bit windy), great company (so good to see GranderKitten and Velo Chicken), and amazing homemade mac & cheese.

(GranderKitten shown above in new VanderKitten kit and team bike. Big time now! You're a rock star Sonja!)

Thanks again to the Kelleys! Oh, and welcome to HPC/List Chris!

Back in town I happened to run into my friend, Laura, (and old Penn State Teammate) and her boyfriend, Donald, down near the Whitehouse. Crazy small world! Laura, we’ve gotta keep in better touch! Best of luck this season!


schneiderdave said...

god, corey is such a beautiful man. if only the guy on the right had curls like that!

Anna said...

You have your own defining qualities...but you could always get a perm.

Roman Holiday said...

Nice site, I added your link to KISL.

Anna said...

Thanks. Nice site yourself. I'm likin' your bumper stickers too! Keep an eye out for an e-mail.

Anna said...

I guess they're actually top tube stickers. My top tube could use a sticker.