Monday, March 31, 2008

Jeff Cup Report

Jeff Cup Race Report…hmmm, where to start? Well it was a cold day with periodic precipitation both in solid and liquid form. Despite the inclement weather it was a fairly big field (more than 50 I think) stacked with some pretty impressive talent. But none as talented as HPC’s very own Lorena Candrian (aka Lo-Ryder) who won the race with her trademark sprint finish (see Pierre for full description). Kate Flore followed close behind and finished with an impressive 5th place. Like I said, it was a stacked field with lots of amazing talent. Something about that chocolate bunny that beckons female cyclists from up and down the east coast.

Unfortunately, I did not have a spectacular day on the bike. For starters, I made my new chain a bit too short which rendered some of my gear combinations unusable. Surely I would not have gotten dropped on that hill had I been working with a full set. Well, actually maybe I would have. I’m not such a great climber and I think that I let myself get intimidated by all that amazing talent in the field. Mentally I think I was prepared to get dropped from the front group…so maybe it was a self fulfilling prophecy. Maybe I had already sealed my fate before the race even began. This is what I find so interesting about racing; it is a test of both physical and mental fitness. I think it’s the internal battle that is usually the limiting factor for women…at least it is for me.

So, I found myself in the chase group to the chase group…which was still comprised of some good talent…which made it not such a crushing blow to my racing ego. We all considered pulling out and calling it a day, but instead organized a pace line (of sorts) and ended up getting our full money’s worth. Coming into the last lap, Heidi Von Teitenberg and I found ourselves in a little break (unintentionally)…which is kind of funny if you think about it. We were vying for what place? Well, it made for a good workout anyway. Coming into the final stretch I was on her wheel…and we rolled in together. I thought it might be a bit ridiculous to sprint past her considering our overall position in the field.

Some photos by Jason Watson:

Yeah, not an amazing day for me…but there are more races left in the season.

Oh, and for the record…


Other noteworthy events:
> Ilana did an awesome job of sticking it out with the lead group
> Lesley flatted on the first lap & support was too slow in response :(
> Michelle Bote and Susan Hefler finished up with the lead pack
> Chris Kelley looked like a rock star in her super cool shades
> Jenn and I had a bonding moment
> Charlie got fat*

*Charlie is a dog

Top Five Results (women 1/2/3):
1) Lorena Candrian – HPC/List powered by Altarum
2) Laura Cook – Tripower
3) Leslie Jennings – Cyclelife
4) Sonja Evers – Team Vanderkitten
5) Kate Flore – HPC/List powered by Altarum
Complete results here>>> BlueWheel


gwadzilla said...

the expression on your face looks like you are pissed about getting "chicked"


I guess you can not chick a chick

I was just dying to try and use chick in a sentence

K-country said...

Hey, thanks for the "super cool shades" shout out. All I had so glad it worked!

Anna said...

My pleasure. You've got class!

Speaking of class, I can't wait to see our new kits! Maybe they'll be in by next weekend???

Lorena said...

Thanks for making us all feel like rock stars, Anna.
In your honor, I wrote you this Haiku:

Anna, Baunna, she
is hotter than a saunna
Even though I did not

technically need
to make that rhyme because this
is haiku. Anna.

Now I am feeling a lot like Gwadzilla. It must be fun to write like that all the time.

Chickin said...

Charlie got fat? More like already was. Don't get me wrong. I love Charlie, but I remember him getting into my Girl Scout Cookies at a cross race. He ate like an entire sleeve before we knew what he was up to.

And congrats to HPC for an awesome race.

Anna said...

Lorena, you are a word weaver! Your talents have no end!!! Honestly, you are one funny lady.

I think Gwadzilla has now taken to talking in olde English.

Oh, and Charlie has always raced the clydesdale class, but I think that Pennsylvania scrapple really pushed him over the edge.

Chickin, how did you end up? I haven't seen the full results posted yet. So good to see you this weekend! Racing season has begun!!!

Chickin said...

I finished with the Iguana. We pretty much rode the entire race together.

goat said...

Way to go HPC - and Lorena - you are a rock star - in addition to being one of the nicest/funniest persons in the peleton.

Christina and I volunteer to take Charlie for a couple of weeks for "doggie boot camp."

Anna said...

You're not so bad yourself lady! Nice start to the season! I'll be seeing you and Christina at Walkersville & Tyson's I trust?

As for Charlie's intervention...I believe he has bad hips these days. Any chance you can work your PT magic on him?

alice b. toeclips said...

Go ANNA! (by the way, that is the name of a cool Aussie lizardy thing...'goanna'
Fun to read yr blog, looking forward to meeting/riding w'choo
JP Wombat

Anna said...

Thanks! Can't wait to meet/ride with you as well! Just a few weeks away! Woohoo!