Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gwadzilla's Lens

Gwadzilla's camera pooped the bed! Bike commuters and messengers alike are going undocumented as we speak! Something must be done! But what???

While this may come as good news to some DC couriers out there (example* A & B), for those of you who do enjoy the blog behind the man, please send out your support and/or your condolences. (photo by Kevin Dillard)

Perhaps a benefit event of some kind?

* examples A & B were taken directly from Gwadzilla's photo library


gwadzilla said...

that is the one finger salute!

I thought that meant


much cooler than the thumbs up

(AZ is mentioned in my SPOKES article this month... with photo... not that photo)

Anna said...

Gwadzilla IS number one. They only do it to look tough. Lest we not forget who took the photo of Soda on his myspace page? I think you should collect on your royalties.