Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 years 2 Long

Looking out of our office window down at 12th St NW, it seems that the War Resisters League has started the day’s events out with an attempt to block the west entrance of the IRS (Shut Down the IRS / Shut Down the War). My coworkers and I huddled around the window as we watched the copcycles load up a bunch of silver-haired war protesters into the paddywagon after their “raucous” display of civil disobedience.

Can't believe it's been five years...since I haven't paid taxes. No, really though, this is an important day for our country. We live in a complacent society and it's days like these that help breath life back into the voiceless masses...I hope.


mikejoos said...

Just saw this on tv. Must be nice to see first hand things that are on national news.

Anna said...

Yeah, for what DC lacks in good riding it makes up for in current events.