Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well Worn

I think it's about time for a new road bike, but I'm a little short on funds. So...I started thinking outside the box. I've always wondered if people really do sell their used socks on ebay...turns out they do. Looks like an easy way to turn a nice profit. You laugh, but just wait 'till I roll up on my new ride! (logo by omegablogger)

Here are some examples I found while searching for "used socks" on ebay. I have copied and pasted the titles verbatim.

Men's Very Used Socks Well Worn Dress Socks from JB Current price: $9.99

Well Worn USED Socks
Current Price: $4.99

Mens used well worn Joe Boxer ankle socks black ringer
Current price: $.99

USED worn KNEE HIGH socks white with RAINBOW stripes !!
Current price: $12.50

Used Well Worn Red Cotton Socks!!!!!!!
Current price: $7.99

Any prospective sponsors out there? Please leave your contact info in the comments box!

An important public service announcement from ebay


mikejoos said...

Used socks??? Kind makes me wonder what other weird eBay fetishes items there are out there.

That reflection is hilarious. So disgusting and so funny. Looks like he’s got goat legs.

Anna said...

The possibilities are endless! Trash to treasure! Maybe used cycling gloves or helmet pads? Those two items tend to get pretty foul. Oh, and how about old heart rate monitor straps? Nasty!!!

gwadzilla said...

one person's nastiness is a fetish loving freak's pleasure

or something to that effect

I say sell your socks!

Anna said...

I'll go through my sock drawer tonight and take inventory of my well worn socks. I'm thinking about getting a Tarmac...can't decided between the Expert or the Pro frame...I guess it will depend on how well my sock sale goes.

goat said...

I have some socks you can add to your collection for eBay.

BTW - What size (Tarmac) are you looking for?

Anna said...

Thanks! Can you include some photos of you wearing the socks? That seems to be a selling point.

And I'm looking for a Tarmac in a looking to sell???

goat said...

It is a winning bike, for sure. It will be hard for me to depart with it, but with our new team bikes, I am selling my 54 Tarmac. It is a gem.

Anna said...

I'll give you a call tomorrow. I might be able to give it a good home if you're willing to let it go.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of starting a fad sock company? Just a thought.

Anna said... I haven't. But I like where you're going with this. What do you mean exactly? A company that sells only well worn socks? Or maybe a company that sells bizarre stuff found on ebay? Are you looking for a business partner? I'm intrigued.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a business partner. Do you have any money?
Oh yes, I think it would have a lot of appeal if we could get Bush's old socks, or Cheney's.
Rumsfeld is out - we would have to
burn his. I wonder if Condaleeza
Rice wears knee highs under those pant suits.