Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidential Rides

Once again, I took a gamble on the weather, loaded up my trusty Tacoma, and headed down south for President's Day weekend. This time it was a solo venture...the eight hour drive gave me some time to do a self assessment on my five year plan. I came to the conclusion that there is some realigning I need to do with respect to said plan.

Arriving in Hendersonville, I immediatly set to work organizing the ride schedule. The following four entries provide a brief outline of the weekend's events.


Darren said...

I need to ride with you more often you always seem to be really getting in the mileage! If I haven't shipped my bike to AZ yet for my bike trip I will take you to Liberty Furnace next weekend.

Anna said...

Yeah, I need to explore more of the other trails around here. The watershed keeps me pretty happy, but I would like to learn more of the GW National Forest. I've been converting all of my career frustration into passion for the bike...it's working out rather well.