Sunday, February 3, 2008

Maggie's Visit!!!!!

Maggie came came down from New York City for a weekend of girl time on the bike. No crushes....just Maggie and I. Long rides and long talks....that's what this weekend was all about!

Upon her arrival she immediatly set to work exhibiting her prowess in parallel parking...the mark of a real woman. She almost rivals me!

Saturday morning we headed out to Mt. Weather where we happend upon Darren of City Bikes and his friend Chris who joined us on our ride. There was a surprising amount of ice up on Mt. Weather!

Back in Marshall, Maggie and I enjoyed a warm meal (and more girl talk) at the Marshall Diner. The best deal in town! (mt. weather photo courtesy of Darren)

That night Maggie and I spent the evening in the basement cleaning our bikes while drinking wine, reflecting on our lives, and listening to The Smiths. There has never been a more perfect evening.

Early to bed and early to rise, we set out for the Watershed on Sunday morning. Again...there was a bit more ice out there than I expected, but it got much better as the day wore on.

Mud soaked and tired, we hosed off....Maggie climbed into her Zipp car (which now shows evidence of the weekend's events in the form of chainring marks on the ceiling) and headed back to the city from whence she came.

Well, it was a good weekend. I miss her already. Maybe one day we'll live in the same town again. Until then, God bless the Zipp car.


fridrix said...

Marshall NC? as in the movie All the Real Girls

Anna said...

Nope, Marshall, in the 1978 TWA plane crash.

fridrix said...

Oh, different movie.