Monday, February 11, 2008

A Grateful Weekend

It was quite a weekend…the kind of weekend that makes you grateful for all the amazing people in your life. Friday night started out with a quick visit to Blondie’s where I had some unwanted facial hair waxed. I hate that I’m such a slave to what society tells me is unwanted facial hair…but it’s always such a relief when it’s gone. There’s nothing like a well waxed pair of eye brows. I then headed over to the National Geographic Museum with Hillary and Nick for the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

There seemed to be a wide variation in film quality this year…at least for the Friday night show. However, I was particularly intrigued with the film entitled “20 Seconds of Joy.” I won’t try to give you a synopsis (you can check out the trailer), but I will say that it was an interesting insight into the psychology of high risk sports. I’m a hobby psychologist and am fascinated by the mind and body connection. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that the documentary was based on an absolutely gorgeous Norwegian woman…which made me wonder…would this story have been told if she hadn’t been so beautiful? That conjures up lots of questions…I’ll let you use this as a conversation piece at your next cocktail party.

Saturday morning I joined my HPC/List teammates, Lorena, Kate, and Jenn on a ride in the Mt. Weather area. The general theme of the day was to turn up the intensity a bit, so we had fun launching attacks on each other, making it hurt, and then setting back into tempo. Between attacks Lorena and I did what we do best…talk…a lot…we don’t stop….ever…it was awesome. It was a fabulous day on the bike. I love my teammates and it’s so good to finally be finding my niche here in DC.

That evening was our big SECOND SATURDAY art exhibit featuring DANA ELLYN!!! It was a great crowd. Dana was glowing and her new pieces are striking. Strong vibrant colors carrying messages of political satire and societal sickness…my favorite. I love how she is able to present painful realities in a way that is appealing to the eye.

The following morning I awoke from my slumber with a bit of a headache… which quickly wore off as I prepared for a nice long ride in the watershed with Nick’s friend Luke. All the ice and snow had melted from the trails. It was a beautiful day with just the slightest bit of snow falling. It was good for my bones to put in some good time on the mountain bike. Oh, and it was Luke’s first time to the watershed! I was honored to be the one to introduce him to the miles and miles of fabulous, rocky, single track. (forgot to take I've included a watershed photo from the summer)

A perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. Fabulous art, long rides, and good friends…a lot to be grateful for.


Lorena said...

Sorry I missed the Saturday night festivities! Looks like it was fun.
As I was reading your post about the watershed, it reminded me of our fun ride there a few months ago. You're great at taking people for their maiden voyage (sounded classier than virgin ride) through the shed. I'd love to get back there sometime. What a great place to ride - if I still know how to mtn bike anymore.

Anna said...

Indeed, "maiden voyage" is much less likely to encourage off color comments from random people in South Carolina. Good choice.
I am forever indebted to Hillary for broadening my horizons in the shed and I repay her by passing on the favor. We should get out there again soon...maybe this weekend? I've learned some new trails recently!