Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cross Ride

Leaving from Hendersonville and dipping down into Saluda, this quick 30 mile loop provides the rider a tour of some of North & South Carolina's finest Christian yard art. Most impressive is the collection of crosses that grace the road side. I believe there were a total of 5:

Some other things I saw along the way....

Ahhhhh! It's a soil and water conservation nightmare!!!!!

southern history

Interesting railroad facts

The site of my new training center

Stopped by Ted's gallery to say hello



goat said...

I like the "Cross Tour." It reminds me a little of a road sign on I65 North of Birmingham, AL.
It has a devil and a pitchfork on it saying, "Go to church or the devil will get you." It's been there since I was little - a real classic.

Anna said...

Yep, there is some amazing roadside entertainment down south. I really miss road riding down there for that reason; Five hours on the bike could slip away without even noticing it.