Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Ideas Ever

In effort to even out the slightly negative energy I spit into the cosmos with my piece “Idle Chatter”, I have decided to follow it up with the following:

The 7 Best Ideas Ever

Knog lights: Fashion and function!!!

The rear derailleur hanger bender thing. What a life saver!!!

The WiseCracker: "Because Beer can't open itself"

Very convenient for race weekends. Also a handy substitute for gels.

Butter "Stick Type": No more wrestling with clumpy butter!

Deuter packs: Well ventilated hydration. The best on the market!

Gears, lots of them.


mikejoos said...

Butter in a Chap Stick tube? Never seen that before. That gives me an idea for spreading oil on bread; you could use the same kind of container that is used for rubber cement with the brush built in to the cap. I am going to rich with that idea, I’ll give you 2 % for helping me come up with it.

Icon O. Classt said...

That last one is very debatable, my dear... ; )

Anna said...

In response to Joos: I'm a little busy with launching the "Bra-Mitt", so don't worry about the royalties.

As for Icon o. classt: You're right, this is very debatable. My feeling is that there is a right time and place for the grace and simplicity of just one speed. Everyone has mixed feelings as to where and when this should happen...great discussion piece.

And as a side note...Why can't I make these pictures stay lined up!!! They won't stay put!!!

Lorena said...

You could buy me one of those butter sticks for my birthday and I would be happy as a little schoolgirl. I will also be looking for the oil in a rubber cement bottle in my store shortly. Brilliance! I guess the butter stick does help balance out all the bad karma brought upon the earth by that mouth thing (yikes!) from the worst ideas ever. I didn't know if it could be done.

Anna said...

I'll put my order in today. They're also having a sale on condensed sweet milk in a tube...it's a kind of a toothpaste consistency. By the way, when is your birthday?

As for the VO2Max...imizer, Joos didn't seem to be too impressed.

MRussell said...

Excellent choices.
Knog Lights, I have 5 or 6 of 'em. I keep four of them on the BOB so evil SUVs can see Parker and I on our runs.
Hanger Bender good, Replaceable Hangers better. But now that i'm rolling the Deluxe I have to lean towards the Bender.
Squeezable Jam, 'nuff said.
Deuter Pack, love mine.
Gears, The bike is the most efficient human powered machine, why make it inefficient by limiting the gear selection?
Beer, good. Open Beer bottle, even better.
Butter stick. uh, you had me at butter.

Anna said...

Few can resist the Butter Stick. I'm so glad you concur.

gwadzilla said...

that woman would be easy to shop for for Valentines Day...