Monday, January 28, 2008

Xtreme Banffing

The Banff Mountain Film Festival will soon make its annual visit to the National Geographic Museum here in D.C. where hundreds of cubicle bound young professionals will unite to live vicariously through the parade of outdoor adventure films that grace the screen.

The festival provides a cornucopia of outdoor films covering all varieties of ultimate, extreme, off-the-hook outdoor recreation including mountain biking (be sure to check out 24Solo on Wed night!), skiing, snow boarding, kayaking, ad infinitum. In effort to keep things in perspective, they also throw in what I like to call “mock-umentaries.” These films do a splendid job of cutting the mellow drama with a good dose of humor and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. Let us never forget how to laugh at ourselves.

This is perhaps one of my most favorite “mock-umentaries.”

Xtreme Tramping!!!


mikejoos said...
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mikejoos said...

I am amazed at how people can get suckered into those dramatized sport documentaries. You know what is worse, those pre fight hype interviews. Here is a good parody of one