Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harvey and Ruth

Happy Anniversary!!!! Harvey and Ruth (my grandparents) have now been married for 68 years!!! They originally met at a dance in Auburn, Indiana in the 1930s. This was the age of the Big Bands and dancing was a key factor in selecting a life mate. My grandmother was still in high school and my grandfather was going into his second year at Indiana University. For Ruth, it was not exactly love at first sight as he was not the most impressive of dancers. However, Harvey was indeed smitten. It was not until my grandmother began her own studies in psychology at IU that they started dating. They were married by the end of her sophomore year and together they moved to Philadelphia where my grandfather attended pharmacy school. Upon his graduation they headed down to Miami where my grandfather took on the family business. (photo taken on Lake Wissahickon in Philadelphia)

In the age of disposable marriages, I am in complete awe of the life they have shared. Of all the essential components that come together to make a lasting marriage, I believe humor has been the centerpiece for Harvey and Ruth. Never have they forgotten how to laugh, how to find the humor in the darkest of times, and how to let this humor melt away any residue of resentment that might dwell in their hearts.


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