Thursday, November 8, 2007

Off to Amsterdam!!!

You may be wondering why I have been spelling things with a touch of euro flair lately (such as flavour, colour, labour) It is all part of the preparation for my upcoming trip to The Netherlands where I am to visit my good friend Hieke (other preparations include investing in some stylish dress up shoes and waxing my eye brows.)

Hieke and I became friends while living together in South Africa a few years ago. She was there doing HIV/AIDS research and I was doing my master's research in agroforestry (sustainable ag. stuff). True to her nation’s philanthropic legacy (which followed that nasty stint of raping and pillaging) she spent her weekends volunteering in a local AIDS orphanage, while I was the typical competitive, gas guzzling American and spent my weekends traveling to mountain bike races. My racing life and research life created an interesting juxtaposition as I was welcomed into two very different demographics, the white Afrikaners and the native South Africans. (patriotic condom photo courtesy of Hieke)

…where was I? Oh yes, so I’m off to see Hieke! Our schedule is loosely structured, but includes the following items:

- Watch the Charles Taylor Case (Liberian President) at the Hague
- Explore Amsterdam
- Short trip to Paris

Expect a full report upon my return on November 19!

Hieke being the philanthropic Dutch Woman:

Me being the competitive American: