Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I hate to brag and I try to be humble, but I am extremely proud of my parallel parking skills. In fact, I think I am the most skilled parallel parker I know. It's an important skill. It takes keen eye-hand coordination as well as a certain amount of style and grace. Perhaps I place too much importance on such a simple skill, but I truly believe that one's ability to parallel park is indicative of their depth of character. Ok...maybe that's a little too far. Let me just say that if I were on a first date with someone who demonstrated a deficiency in this would be a major turn off. My ideal mate is someone who can parallel park with charisma and flare, someone who changes their own oil, someone who buys only generic brands from the grocery store. This is the stuff of character! Below I have provided an example of some of the work I do. Notice the precision in this particular piece...

back.... and front

Helpful Guidelines:
(courtesy of Honda) Major style points are lost due to the following common mistakes:

1) hitting the curb
2) excessive inching forward and backward
3) extreme apprehension of hitting the car behind