Monday, October 15, 2007

Old Friends. Old Bikes.

This past weekend I ventured north up to New York City where I visited my very best friend in the whole wide world, Maggie Shirley (That's Maggie and I in the upper right hand corner of my blog collage.) It was Maggie who really got me into racing and together we took the world by storm as the best two woman time trialing team ever to grace the collegiate cycling scene. Over the years we have managed to stay in touch and now we are just four short hours worth of driving from one another…unless of course they have narrowed the Delaware Memorial Bridge down to two lanes….then it’s more like six hours....but whether it’s four hours or fourteen hours it’s always good to see Maggie.

Saturday morning we headed over to Trexlertown with the Columbia University kids where we attended the Velo Swap (photo courtesy of Going into the Velo Swap I couldn’t think of anything I really needed outside of a new pair of booties….but once I got there I was reminded of all kinds of things that were missing from my collection of bike stuff….such as a vintage Peugeot frame and fork for $45. Who can say “no” to that? As it turns out, the front fork on old Peugeot is about 4mm shy of fitting today’s standard hub…so it looks like I’m gonna have to get creative. It may involve some bending and scraping….I just can’t bring myself to have to buy an old ass hub just to get a wheel to fit into the drop-outs. Oh well, that’s what you get for letting yourself get carried away at a Velo Swap…I just never thought it would happen to me…I thought I was too smart for that. I think my best purchase of the day was a power-tap I bought from a friend of mine at a price I couldn’t pass up. So now I can train with the precision of the pros….look out MABRA, I’m planning on a breakthrough season next year! Speaking of the Lehigh Valley Velodrome, that reminds me of an old Youtube clip ( . It's some crazy shit! Women never behave like this on a bike...or do they?

Any way...where was I ?....oh, so Maggie and I raced back to the city just in time to squeeze in a short ride before the day ran out of light.

That evening we dined with my cousin Amanda who is absolutely awesome, awesome, awesome and I am very proud to say that we share some similar genetic material. Hi Amanda! You’re awesome! Can’t wait for you to visit D.C.!

The following day Maggie and I headed out for a long-ish road ride. I have not been feeling on top of my game so much of the day was spent sitting on her wheel. I must say, the road riding outside of New York is actually pretty nice. From Maggie’s place we can hop on the G.W. Bridge in under 5 minutes and it doesn’t take too long before you’re actually on some pretty nice roads. Oh, and then we got tangled up in some kind of charity ride…but it didn’t take us long to drop the hammer and work our team time trail magic before we were able to create some distance between us and the charity ride…which was good, ‘cause our rides are usually the time for symbiotic psychological counseling.

Upon our return Maggie prepared herself for a little modeling assignment she had over at some bike shop called Tenafly. I had originally planned to join her, but I had a number of responsibilities I had been neglecting and felt the need to attend to these things. She did come home with some cute arm warmers, matching socks and new tires but all in all I’m proud of my responsible decision to stay behind and put my nose to the grind stone.

So, it was a good weekend. I got so see my best friend and now I have this old bike that I’m not sure what to do with. Anybody looking to build up a vintage fixie commuter? Only $45!!! I’ve even got a seat tube for it!!!