Monday, September 10, 2007

Staying Still

The days are growing shorter and summer will soon come to an end. I’ve been on the road almost every weekend for the past 3 months…and now I’m ready to stay still…if only for a weekend. No racing, no visiting friends and family, no saving Mennonites from the wretched claws of the government….just a quiet weekend of riding.
I spent a few hours out in the watershed on Saturday. It was so good to be on my mountain bike again. Leaving the technical trails of Rothrock (State College, PA) has left a void in my heart. I experience temporary reprieve from the pain of this void through frequent visits up to the watershed in Frederick. It may not have the endless ridges of central Pennsylvania, but it does have a good supply of rocky, technical trails with the occasional overlook. It was good to be out on my bike, alone, just me and the trail. It gave me time to think about where it is I want to go with my life. If it weren’t for mountain biking I think I would be a very lost soul.

On Sunday morning my friend Jenn (of Team Kenda) and I headed out to Front Royal where we did a beautiful 60 mile ride up on Skyline Drive. I’ve been here in D.C. almost a year now and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get up there! What a beautiful ride and awesome climbing! That’s exactly what I was missing from my training this season….evidence of which is apparent in my less than stellar results.

Jenn and I were alive with chatter on the flats….and a little more quiet on the climbs as we grinded our way to the top of Skyline. It was a hot day, but the sky was clear and we soaked up enough sun to last us until February. Upon our return to Front Royal, Jenn treated the two of us to a nice bowl frozen custard. With our tired legs and bowls of custard we climbed into my truck and headed back to D.C.…it was a good day. Thanks for a great ride Jenn!

The Ride:
522 South
Right on Fodderstack Rd
Right on 522/211 South
Right on 211
Right on Skyline
Right on 340 (back into town)

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