Wednesday, September 12, 2007

National Preparedness Month

As many of you may already know, September is National Preparedness Month ( President Bush is asking his countrymen (and women too) to step it up with the strategery and develop a preparedness plan for those rare occasions when the shit really hits the fan. The Boy Scouts of America expressed an interest in leading this initiative, however; the government has instead decided to out-source the work to an independent contractor.

Much like the Competitiveness Initiative, I was not aware that “preparedness” was even a word. Had I been consulted on this campaign I believe I would have suggested something like “National Disaster Preparation Month”. Any interns reading this out there? Come to me next time you need a good initiative title!

In a nut shell, National Preparedness Month involves various forms of education on how to deal with everything from a natural disaster to a total governmental meltdown. The website provides suggestions for developing an emergency plan and building an emergency supply kit at home and at work. Some of the items suggested for your emergency supply kit include:

1) water
2) food
3) first aid kit
4) flashlight and batteries
5) dust mask
6) can opener for canned foot (if kit contains canned food)
7) local map
8) prescription medications and eye glasses
9) feminine supplies and personal hygiene items
10) paper and pen

In addition to the website, governmental agencies are also offering preparedness seminars at work. I would like to suggest that we use the following as our basic text:

In fact, I think this book should be made available for all “U.S. Americans” who call this great nation their Homeland.

Sadly, I’m not sure that we are properly preparing ourselves for the disasters going on in our community every day. As a nation we are alarmists and are easily distracted from the quiet catastrophes that eat away at our society slowly over time.

How well are you prepared for these national disasters?

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