Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Road Cone In Our Lives

While watching the men’s Cat 4 Criterium at the Tour de Christiana I was reminded of the dangers of road cones when a few guys went down as a result of a road cone collision. In this case, the road cone had been placed over a storm grate in order to alert riders of the possible danger. Because the grates were running horizontally, it is my opinion that the road cone posed a greater danger than the actual grate itself. I too once fell victim to an unruly road cone and was reminded of some deep thoughts I shared with the Penn State list serve back in April of 2004:

The irony of road cones is that they can sometimes be more of a hazard than the actually hazard they are trying to avoid. I found this to be the case during my collision with a rather large road cone during the ECCC Regional Championship criterium yesterday in Dover, NH with only five laps to go. With the encouragement of a friendly UNH corner marshal, I recomposed myself and my bike and found my way back to the pack. A valiant effort indeed!

On the surface, this may seem like a simple question of proper road cone usage during criteriums. However, I found myself reflecting on the significance of this road cone in my life. What precautions am I taking in my life that are actually more perilous than beneficial? Could I possibly be impeding my capacity for self actualization due to the prolific use of metaphorical road cones?

So, I will ask you the same question. When does precaution become an impediment to your attainment of goals and aspirations? What is the road cone in your life? I firmly believe that a life lesson can be found in every race. My goal is to keep racing until I figure out the meaning of life. I will be sure to inform you all of my findings via list-serve.

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