Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Grand Opening!!!

It’s the grand opening of my new blog! I never really considered myself to be a blogger. In some ways it seems to be a bit of a narcissistic endeavor. Really, why do I feel the need to make this public? I’m not sure that I have an answer at the moment. Should I have a mission statement? What is the true point in having a blog? Why do I feel the need to leave my footprint in the sands of electronic time? Maybe my great, great grandchildren will read this blog after I am dead and gone and think “Wow, Great Grandma Anna was a real nut case”. Or maybe I can use this blog as a means of passing on the wealth of knowledge I manage to acquire over the course of my life, forever preserving it for future generations. When I am old and grey, on my last day of life, I will log off for my last time and a nation of bloggers will weep.

I suppose I will first need to decide on a platform….hmmm….should this blog be dedicated to issues surrounding rural community empowerment? Perhaps I will attract a community of academics in international development and together we can find a holistic, integrated solution to end poverty and environmental degradation throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Or, this site could be completely dedicated to all things bike related, particularly concerning women in the cycling world. Through this blog I will sound a trumpet that will summon women throughout the world to pick up a bike and ride. As a result, women’s bike racing will grow like kudzu across the land, the level of competition will reach heights never imagined, and a woman will one day win the Tour de France. Or, this site could simply be a place for me to recount the mundane details of my day….a place to unload some of the more bazaar moments in my life. I must say, I have a knack for creating bazaar situations that are usually quite humorous…at least in retrospect. Well, we’ll see where this goes. The main thing is to not let this blog pose any threat for future employment opportunities. Oh, and to always use proper grammar.

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