Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catching Up: Mt. Snow Race Report July 21-22

In the week leading up to Mt. Snow I spent much of my time in the hospital with my friend, Chris, who broke his femur when struck by a car pulling a u-turn, at night, with his lights out, in the middle of Connecticut Ave. Feeling a bit fatigued and sleep deprived, I set off for Mt. Snow on Thurs afternoon, but not before dropping off Chris’s panic stricken feline friends at his parents’ place. To be stuck in DC traffic in a truck with no AC and two moaning cats is a real lesson in patience and loving kindness…. oh, and did I mention that South Capital is completely shut down?

Ok, so fast forward to Saturday morning…..the trails were still a mess from all the rain that occurred the week before. Before I go on, let me just say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MT.SNOW COURSE, because it levels the playing field between the climbers and the technical riders. Unfortunately, due to the trail conditions, much of the tricky technical sections were completely unridable. In the three years that I have raced on this course, never have I ever walked so much. However, I will say that I was proud of my descending skills. It was a muddy, slippery, rocky mess and I loved every last minute of it. In retrospect, I think I could have pushed myself a bit harder on the climb on the second lap, but at that point I was feeling a bit frustrated as my season’s goal was to be on the podium for my age group. Alas, this was not to be. Instead I rolled in at 7th place out of 9 total riders. Although, I will say that the time gaps were pretty close. Please note that there were a total of NINE riders in the Expert 25-29 age group. Should you look at the results, there are currently only 8 riders listed; however, one rider was mistakenly placed in the wrong age category. This is a key issue as it is VERY IMPORTANT to me that I was not “next to last”, but instead “next to, next to last”….so please don’t confuse that.

Moving onto the shortrack…..Saturday night I saw little sleep as a wave of nausea fell upon me like a wet blanket. By morning, the nausea had turned to rumbling GI issues. As it turns out, the hose I drank from the day before was pulling directly from a collection pond. Apparently there were a number of signs warning folks not to ingest the water from the hoses…unfortunately; I did not make notice of these signs. So, the short track didn’t go so well. Live and learn I guess. I spent much of my drive home from Vermont in rest stop bathrooms along the way. It was a long drive, but I made it and I am now over my little parasite just in time to pack up and head to Sugar Mountain this weekend! Woohoo! Maybe this race will go a little better. Either way, I’ll come with my own water.

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